Rep. Bryan Spencer successfully attached the following amendment to the Budget bill:

AMEND House Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 2002, Page 5, Section 2.060, Line 7, by inserting immediately after the word funds the following:
, and further provided that no funds shall be used to implement or support the Common Core Standards;
Further amend said bill by adjusting section and bill totals accordingly.
The amendment was opposed by 97-57.

Republicans opposing the amendment were:

Rep. Chris Molendrop

Rep. Shelia Solon
Rep. Mike Thomson
Rep. Noel Torpey
Rep. Gary Cross
Rep. Jay Barnes
Rep. Rocky Miller
Rep. Kent Hampton
Rep. Jeffery Justus
Rep. Mike Lair
Rep. Daavid Wood

This isnt the end. The bill now has to go through the Senate. Its possible it comes out the other side without the amendment.

There are other bills out there that do the same thing. Also, a big turnout is expected tomorrow at the Senate Education Committee.

Theres more information here.

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