As I wrote before, out of town radicals are flocking to Ferguson, Missouri to do nothing but create chaos and violence which they hope will further the downfall of capitalism worldwide.  One of the agitators is Gregory Joey Johnson.

Now meet one of his partners in crime:  Travis Morales, a communist and proud of it.

He looks like a dweeb.

Here he argues with local Ferguson protestors:

You can hear Brother Anthony Shahid say, Youre not gonna hurt our kids. Morales shouts, No, theyre hurting our kids. Theyre hurting our kids, everyday. They being the Ferguson police, or as Morales would call them, the oppressive pigs doing the bidding of their capitalist overlords or something similar. Heres an action shot of Morales, meeting with said pigs.

Morales reported to his communist readers that he was heading to Ferguson with a comrade of his, Carl Dix.

Why does that name sound familiar?

Oh, right:

These guys are professional agitators. Update: (And by these guys, I mean Morales and Dix, not the rest. In fact, Matthew Giles is a journalist, not an agitator. See comments below.)

They just left New York where they were working the Eric Garner crowd:

While Joey Johnson worked Occupy Oakland, Morales worked Occupy The Bronx:

One of many outsiders who have come to Ferguson not seeking to calm things down in pursuit of justice, but to create as much havoc as possible to foment revolution.

They do not have Fergusons best interests at heart, but their own political agenda.

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