Following the testimony of Susan Kimball, who described the bullying and intimidation she received for her opposition to Common Core, fellow teacher Tonya Pobst testified before the Senate Education Committee.   She said she was going inform the committee about the lies and deceit that surround Common Core in the Sikeston R-6 Public School District.

She described how tests that were once referred to as Common Core were being renamed.


On the evening of Thursday, Feb 27th, a curriculum meeting was held at the Sikeston Learning Center.  The question was asked if the Smarter Balanced Science Field test was going to be given in the fifth grade this year, Pobst testified.  The chief academic officer hesitated and then answered, Yes.

From the Smarter Balanced website:

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is committed to supporting member states and territories as they implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Working with educators, Smarter Balanced will identify high-quality curriculum resources aligned to the CCSS and professional development strategies that can be replicated across states.

Post said the test has been renamed from the Smarter Balanced Fifth Grade Science Field test to MAPP Science Field test.

This is now the name being used to notify parents and care givers for this Smarter Balanced Fifth Grade Science Field test, she said.

Rather than tell parents and caregivers they are implementing Common Core standards, schools appear to be hiding the fact from those who should know.

Sen. John Lamping, who sat beside Pobst during her testimony, recalled Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Dr. Chris Nicastro saying Missouri was going to do its own thing.

I was in a meeting two or three weeks ago with Director Nicastro in that room and I made that claim that, Well, the history standards and the science standards are next up and she said, No, no, no, no.  Missouri is going to adopt our own standards, Lamping said. Now we are hearing testimony today.  They are taking Common Core science standards, rebranding them MAPP standards and Im just, I appreciate you being here so much.

Lamping then went on to condemn the harassment Pobst and Kimball received based on their opposition to Common Core.

Sen. Dan Brown offered his own testimony regarding the deceit regarding Common Core, saying hes witnessed it himself during presentations hes seen.

Watch her entire testimony below:


Rep. Bryan Spencer successfully attached the following amendment to the Budget bill:

AMEND House Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 2002, Page 5, Section 2.060, Line 7, by inserting immediately after the word funds the following:
, and further provided that no funds shall be used to implement or support the Common Core Standards;
Further amend said bill by adjusting section and bill totals accordingly.
The amendment was opposed by 97-57.

Republicans opposing the amendment were:

Rep. Chris Molendrop

Rep. Shelia Solon
Rep. Mike Thomson
Rep. Noel Torpey
Rep. Gary Cross
Rep. Jay Barnes
Rep. Rocky Miller
Rep. Kent Hampton
Rep. Jeffery Justus
Rep. Mike Lair
Rep. Daavid Wood

This isnt the end. The bill now has to go through the Senate. Its possible it comes out the other side without the amendment.

There are other bills out there that do the same thing. Also, a big turnout is expected tomorrow at the Senate Education Committee.

Theres more information here.


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