I was just doing a search on Twitter for tweets related to yesterdays anti-Common Core rally at the Missouri state capitol when I saw this tweet from Collin Reischman:

Lair appropriated $8 to purchase tin foil hats, taking a jab at opponents to Common Core. #YesThisIsTrue #moleg

— Collin Reischman (@Collin_MOTimes) February 19, 2014

At first I was like:


Then I saw this one from Ely Yokley:

#NotTheOnion: Missouri lawmakers line item $8 for tinfoil hats to combat Common Core http://t.co/A5rGvzi4p6 #MOLeg

— Eli Yokley (@eyokley) February 19, 2014

And right after that, a story from the Columbia Daily Tribune:

The House Appropriations – Education Committee cut deeply today into Gov. Jay Nixon’s proposals for public schools and higher education, slashing his planned increases by more than $200 million.

But committee Chairman Mike Lair, R-Chillicothe, found $8 to address a pressing problem. The money is to be used “for two rolls of high density aluminum to create headgear designed to deflect drone and/or black helicopter mind reading and control technology.”

On the summary sheet handed out to lawmakers, the money is slated for “tin foil hats” and was tied to an amendment removing language barring the state from accepting federal grants to implement Common Core standards for public schools.

It gets worse:

“Basically, when you deal with conspiracy theorists, you do logic first,” Lair told the committee, noting that he has filed bills to limit how student data is shared and blocking the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from mandating curriculum or textbooks to local schools.

“If you can’t deal with folks with logic, you use humor,” he said. “This is to stop all the problems from the black helicopters and drones. This is high density foil.”

Oh, if we could only all be a wise as Rep. Mike Lair.

Speaking of Rep. Mike Lair, heres his contact info:

MemberPhoto (9)

Address: MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 400
Jefferson City MO 65101
Legislative Assistant: Gregg Pfister
Phone: 573-751-2917
E-Mail: Mike.Lair@house.mo.gov

And heres his Facebook page.

Let him know what you think about his sense of humor.


I asked Sen. John Lamping, sponsor of SB 514, which prohibits the implementation of Common Core, what he thought of Rep. Mike Lairs actions.

He responded:

@Bodhi1 Disappointed to see an “R” revert to typical Liberal name calling tact. Wonder if he thinks 600k NY union teachers need tin hats?

— John Lamping (@JohnLamping) February 20, 2014

@Bodhi1 You know youre starting to win the debate when your opponent starts ignoring the facts and starts calling you names.

— John Lamping (@JohnLamping) February 20, 2014