MoDOT’s staff shortage could impact winter response

With snow and ice right season around the corner, the Missouri Department of Transportation says it’s several hundred employees short to cover more than one single shift in a statewide storm.

Becky Allmeroth (MoDOT chief safety officer and operations officer) says that over 70 employees have been leaving MoDOT every month for the past six-months, which is a record.

“If we had a widespread winter storm that ends up lasting more than 12 hours which is our standard shift when we’re doing winter operations then we’re not gonna have enough employees to fill those trucks on that second shift,” Allmeroth told Missourinet. “Which puts us on pace to lose over 800 employees this year, so we’re in the same dilemma that a lot of other driver-based services industries are and we’re really competing for the same pool of employees and the same people who drive trucks and have CDLs.”

The department held its annual winter operations drill on Thursday to practice responding to a simulated snowfall for the entire state. The drill included activating emergency operations centers, deploying maintenance workers, and testing emergency communication systems.

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