All the bills Parson has signed in 2021


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Lawmakers ended the first session of the 101st General Assembly with nearly 70 bills passed. 

From budgets to health care, here’s a look at what bills Gov. Mike Parson has signed so far. (This story will be updated.)

Restricting local governments’ health orders: June 15

HB 271 signing, Parson

HB 271, sponsored by Speaker Pro Tem John Wiemann, prohibits local officials from issuing public health orders or restrictions leading to the closure of schools, businesses, or places of worship beyond 30 days during a six-month period amid a state of emergency. Those orders could be extended by a majority vote of the local governing body, but outside of an emergency, the limit would be set at 21 days. 

It also restricts communities from requiring so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports for public transportation. 

Second Amendment Preservation Act: June 12

The governor signed HB 85, called SAPA, at Frontier Justice, a shooting range and gun store in Lee’s Summit. The bill declares federal gun laws that restrict gun ownership or sale void in Missouri. It also said public officers and employees cannot enforce federal firearm laws that would be void under this law and those who do could be subjected to a $50,000 penalty. 

Rep. Jered Taylor, the bill’s sponsor, has said he expects the law to end up in court. 

Inspection of agriculture facilities: June 10 

HB 574 from Rep. Kent Haden restricts the inspection of certain agriculture facilities to just local sheriffs, law enforcement, and the departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Other entities could inspect the facilities if invited.

Facilities included in the bill include those raising livestock or producing eggs, milk, or other dairy products. Charter counties, except St. Charles County, as well as the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City are exempt. 

East Locust Creek Reservoir Project: June 10 

Parson signed off on a resolution from Sen. Dan Hegeman affirming the legislature’s support of the East Locust Creek Reservoir Project by allocating an annual maximum of $1.5 million toward its construction. The long-term commitment stems from the Multipurpose Water Resource Program Fund with a cap of $24 million. 

Statewide PDMP: June 7 

Establishing a statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) was something Sen. Holly Rehder has long championed in the statehouse, but Parson signed into law her SB 63 her first year in the Senate. Proponents say the program allows health care professionals to monitor and control the distribution of opioids and other prescriptions for their patients better. The bill establishes the Joint Oversight Task Force of Prescription Drug Monitoring within the Office of Administration. 

Although the majority of the state was covered under St. Louis’ PDMP program run by a third party, Missouri was the only state without a statewide program until Parson signed Rehder’s bill. 

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum license plates: May 17 

Sen. Barbara Washington’s SB 189 allows vehicle owners to apply for a special Negro Leagues Baseball Museum license plate upon donating at least $10 to the Kansas City museum. Parson held a ceremonial signing of the bill at Kauffman Stadium. 

“As someone who has family members play in this league, it has always been my honor to fight for this amazing organization since I arrived in Jefferson City,” Washington said

Supplemental budget: May 13

The supplemental budget bill included more than $2.1 billion in federal and general revenue funds for the state. In addition to funding for government operations, HB 15 also included $50 million for the Municipal Utility Emergency Loan Program, a bipartisan effort assisting local utilities reeling from the cold weather earlier in 2021. An additional provision provided $1 million for the Pretrial Witness Protection Fund approved by the legislature last year. 

Adding military jobs to Missouri Works program: April 22 

Sen. Dan Hegeman’s SB 2 included certain military jobs in the Missouri Works program. It allows tax credits to be awarded based on part-time and full-time civilian and military jobs created by the project. 

Foster care, adoption support: April 22 

Rep. Hannah Kelly

Championed by Rep. Hannah Kelly, HB 429 allows Missourians who serve as foster parents for at least six months to receive a tax deduction to cover costs associated with the process — capped at $5,000 for married couples or $2,500 for individuals. 

Her HB 430 expands the opportunity for a $10,000 tax credit to those facing non-recurring adoption fees and expenses. Although the special needs requirement was eliminated, priority is given to applicants adopting children with special needs. The bill also authorized tax credits for donations made to domestic violence shelters and increased a credit for donations to maternity homes. 

Emergency Rental Assistance Program: Feb. 11

The first bill of the session to be signed into law allocated more than $324 million to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) in federal funds. Established by Congress in December amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ERAP includes up to 12 months of assistance for rental and utility assistance. 

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