A Veterans Day love story (AUDIO).

Vance and Dang – Nelson

Vance Nelson met his future spouse at the end Vietnam War. A U.S. Air Force member was a Vietnamese interpreter stationed on a base in Thailand.

Prapaporn Trakula was there. In her 20s, the young woman scrubbed the floors until one could see their reflection. She was one three-person housekeeper who did laundry every day. They ironed uniforms for service personnel until they could stand up. They also polished the feet of residents of the barracks.

It was hard work for very little pay – $9 a month per service member and split three ways. Vance would give her a $10 bill and tell the woman to keep the change.

In the middle of a 20-year conflict, a romance blossomed between a man from Iowa and a woman from a third-world country. Forty-five years later, here’s the love story of Vance and Dang Nelson:

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