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If You Want Your Guests to Use Coasters

One of the better jokes in our culture centers around guests that don’t use coasters.  It’s not too difficult to recall a sit-com that highlights a homeowner or homemaker who is angry to find a cold drink sitting directly on a wooden surface or leaving a smudge on a glass tabletop.

Perhaps you don’t have a meltdown when your guests forget to use a coaster, but if you’re looking to use less glass cleaner on your coffee table after a party, we suggest custom coasters.  Here are some ideas on how to get your guests to notice a coaster so that they’ll use it.

Collect unique coasters.  Businesses, restaurants, and marketing groups have all started using custom coasters and sleeves to advertise products and events.  Some of these coasters involve impressive artwork or bright colors.  Pick up some of these coasters after an event or ask the restaurant if you can permanently borrow some.

Provide holiday coasters. There are plenty of holidays to choose from and an endless supply of businesses trying to capitalize on that with sales, discounts, and promotions. If you happen to find holiday coasters specific to a time of year, collect them and scatter them about your home during the next holiday season.

Save special coasters. You might find that the next wedding or graduation party you attend has custom coasters and custom coffee sleeves to commemorate the occasion. When the event is over, gather up a few coasters if the host doesn’t want them. You then get to remember that gathering by looking at the coasters that were designed just for that special day.

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