Mayor Slay Admits “Companies Do Go to Right to Work States” (Video)

During yesterday’s testimony on Right to Work, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay testified, “Obviously, companies do go to right to work states.”

I thought that was a good soundbite, and backed up his statement with some facts:

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Speaker Tim Jones’s First Capitol Report for the 2014 Session

Happy New Year!

image006Waves of blanketing snow marched across our state in the first days of the New Year, making for truly breathtaking scenery as I traveled from St. Louis to Joplin and back, visiting many Missourians at many stops in between, causing challenging travel and at the same time, delight for our school children. When combined with the ensuing dangerous temperatures lower than any our state has seen in decades, the best option for many of us was to bunker down with family and friends and catch up on much needed quality time.

For those who had to travel, I shared in your difficulties as I too found myself on the road during some of the inclement weather. Whether it was while traveling from stop to stop during my fourth statewide Speaker’s Tour, announcing my “4G” agenda, or making the trip to Jefferson City for the beginning of the 2014 legislative session, the extreme cold and copious amounts of snow made life on the road exceedingly difficult. However, challenging travels were well worthwhile as they allowed me to meet some remarkable Missourians who are doing amazing things right here in the Show-Me State.

Fourth Statewide Tour Unveils “4G” Agenda

Even with a winter storm brewing on the horizon, several of us took to the road in the first days of January to visit towns and cities throughout Missouri to both listen to the people of this great state and to share with them the Missouri House’s vision for the future. This vision, which I termed my “4G” agenda, is based on what I have learned from the many Missourians I have spoken directly with on my many travels and visits around our state.

During my discussions and travels I have heard Missourians reiterate the fact they want government to stop taking, stop erecting barriers, and to cease its endless confiscation and redistribution of the hard earned fruits of our citizens’ labors. The message that has echoed from town to town is that more government is not the answer, it is the problem.

That is a philosophy House Republicans espouse with every action we take. And while we cannot change the way our out-of-touch, out-of-control federal government operates, we can continue to push our state in a direction that removes barriers to growth and prosperity, embraces smaller government and emphasizes individual freedom and free market principles.

That is what my “4G” agenda attempts to do by placing an emphasis on Growth and opportunity for all Missourians, Guaranteeing access to a great education, Generating affordable and abundant energy and Guarding and protecting Missouri values. In the coming weeks I will further detail each of the “G”s so that you can gain a full understanding of what we hope to accomplish in the state legislature in 2014.

Joplin Stop Emphasizes Need for Smaller Government

image008Of the many stops I made on my tour, one of the most eye-opening was a visit to a company called Employer Advantage, which is located in Joplin. The good news is this locally-owned company has experienced tremendous success in its particular field. The challenging part is that Employer Advantage’s field of work is in helping other businesses navigate through the endless maze of government regulations and bureaucracy. Think about that for a moment. We have a business that exists solely to help other businesses jump through all of the hoops erected by a government that is too big and too burdensome. I am thankful Employer Advantage exists to help the more than 500 businesses it works with each and every day, but this should serve as a wakeup call to all of us that we must continue to work toward smaller government that stays out of the way and allows businesses to do what they do best – create jobs and economic growth.

Opening Day Address Reaffirms Commitment to “4G” Agenda

image009After our many travels and visits with people from all around Missouri, I made one 010814-0139more trip to Jefferson City for the first day of the 2014 legislative session. It was on opening day that the Missouri House of Representatives unveiled our “4G” agenda with the goals we have in mind for our state legislature this year.

As I stressed to my colleagues, “the people deserve a government that wants to level the playing field and stay out of the way so workers and businesses can do what they do best, create growth and opportunity for all. It is time to stop hemorrhaging jobs across our borders and failing to attract new businesses opportunities because our economic policies are flawed and unwelcoming. And it is time to get serious about empowering our young people to become the entrepreneurs, the family farmers, the small business owners, the innovators and leaders of tomorrow by providing them with an educational experience that is second to none. We must empower Missourians to succeed and to grow, and we must do it now.”

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Vinnie Vernuccio Testifies Before the Missouri House Committee Regarding Right to Work (Video)

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