Black Community Didn’t Want Gov. Jay Nixon At Mike Brown’s Funeral

I wondered what happened to make Gov. Jay Nixon change his mind about going to the funeral of Mike Brown in Ferguson.

Turns out, he wasn’t wanted there:

The governor skipped the service in light of still-simmering anger among African-American leaders and activists in St. Louis, who have harshly criticized Nixon’s tepid response to Brown’s death and subsequent protests.

“I don’t think [Nixon] wanted to disrupt the funeral, because a lot of the African-American community in St. Louis didn’t want him there,” said state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, of St. Louis, a former chairwoman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus who has clashed with Nixon in the past. “So he decided to stay away.”

She wasn’t the only one who said Nixon wasn’t welcome in Ferguson.

Said Anthony Shahid, an activist who has been in close contact with Brown’s family, but in this case was not authorized to speak on their behalf, “I can tell you for a fact that the black community didn’t want [Nixon] there.”

The idea that the presence of the governor of the state would create a disruption at a funeral illustrates how completely Nixon has failed to lead, not just during the upheaval in Ferguson, but since taking office.

You have to have a horrible relationship to not even be welcome at a funeral.

If this were the first time the life-long Democrat failed the black community in Missouri, they would probably still welcomed him, knowing it was a fluke.

But many know the truth:

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The Show-Me Report: August 28, 2014


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KRCG: Proposal would add meters to disabled Columbia, MO parking spots

KMBC: Dan Isom introduced as Missouri’s new top cop

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Ed Martin: Jacob Turk Can Beat Cleaver Because 2014 is “Just Like 2010, Only Better” (Video)

Tuesday supporters of Jacob Turk gathered in Lee’s Summit to hear from the candidate and from Missouri GOP Chairman Ed Martin.

Martin introduced Turk, saying he was there to support Turk for two reasons.

“One, I believe that in office as a congressman, he will be fearless for the Constititution, for our values, for what we believe,” Martin said.  “We don’t need more people who will vote well.  We need people that will be fearless for the values we believe in.”

Second, Martin added, “I believe he can win.”

Turk is running in a district held by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a district that hasn’t had a Republican representative since 1949 and currently has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of Democrat +9.  Cleaver has held the office since 2005.

“We can win this race. I know it. I’m seeing it. It will be just like 2010, only better.”

- Ed Martin

Why would Martin think Turk could win after losing four straight races?

“People say ‘Oh my gosh! Can you beat Cleaver?’  I believe every race is on the table this year,” Martin said to applause from Turk’s supporters.

“Look across the country.  In places where you look, the turnout among liberal Democrats is as low as it’s ever been.  The people who are supposed to turn out to prop up this left wing vision are not coming out.”

Martin’s argument is supported by Democratic strategists like Celinda Lake, who pointed to a George Washington University poll that “that 64% of Republicans say they are ‘extremely likely’ to vote in November’s midterms, compared with 57% of Democrats.”

Another election expert, Curtis Gans, says nationwide, Democrats will stay home while Republicans will go to the polls.  Gans expects Democrat turnout to be lower than 2010 or 2006.

In 2006, 211,919 votes were cast in Missouri’s 5th, with Cleaver getting 64 percent of the vote, almost doubling the number of Turk’s votes.

In 2010, however, there was a drastic change, with turnout dropping to 191,423 votes.  Turk narrowed the gap to nine points, but still losing by more than 17,000 votes.

Martin says turnout will be even worse this year because there’s no one motivating the base to turn out.

“In this election cycle in the fall, we have no leading Democrats.  They can’t even field a candidate for auditor.  So they will have no turnout,” Martin predicted.

“We can win this race. I know it. I’m seeing it. It will be just like 2010, only better.”

Even if the experts are correct and Democrat turnout is dismal, Turk will still have an uphill battle in a heavily Democrat leaning district.

Click here if you’re interested in volunteering.

Was Nixon’s “Vigorous Prosecution” Statement Against the Law?

Gov. Jay Nixon took almost immediate heat on his call for a “vigorous prosecution” in the Mike Brown investigation.  As covered here, Megyn Kelly, a lawyer, unloaded on the comment:

Megyn:  It wasn’t a slip of the tongue.  Over and over and over.

Shep:  It’s also not a new trick in politics in America.  There’s one message for the voters, where we know where the polls are, and there’s another message for the reporter on the phone, hoping he doesn’t get vilified.  In my estimation, from what I saw on that videotape, standing alone, that’s now available at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and playing on television stations across Missouri, the governor took sides.

Megyn:  Mm-hmm.  As you have a state senator demanding an indictment be returned, that this cop get prosecuted, otherwise the protests we’ve been seeing are going to look like a picnic.  You’ve got the governor weighing in, saying ‘A vigorous prosecution must be pursued,’ hours before the grand jury convened.  I mean, talk about putting your thumb on the scale of justice, Shepard.

Shepard Smith also blasted Gov. Nixon:

Shep:  A card laid is a card played. And the card that governor nixon has played is, “Justice for the family of Michael Brown.” and you’re telling me that a potential grand juror doesn’t see that and say ‘The governor just sides?’ 

Annemarie McAvoy:  And may say well, ‘The governor is telling us we should be coming forward with an indictment. This is an appropriate case to indict the officer in.’

Shep:  He says prosecute this. 

McAvoy:  That’s it. 

Shep:  Prosecution happens after an indictment is returned. 

McAvoy:  That’s right. 

Shep:  If no indictment is returned, there is no prosecution. 

McAvoy:  That’s right. That’s very clear. and the grand jurors know it. It may be if they don’t hear it themselves, their family members may hear it. They mention it to them over dinner. This is not a sequestered jury. 

Shep:  You’re telling me the one-time attorney general, a 30-year lawyer, made a mistake not once but thrice about the meaning of justice for the family of Michael Brown?

Not only did he say it thrice, but it seems the comment might have even been illegal:

Missouri law, section 575.290.1, makes “improper communication” a criminal offense:

“A person commits the crime of improper communication if he communicates, directly or indirectly, with any juror, special master, referee, or arbitrator in a judicial proceeding, other than as part of the proceedings in a case, for the purpose of influencing the official action of such person.”

Now the governor could make the case, like he’s been trying to make, that he wasn’t calling for a conviction, but for justice to be done.

However, as shown above, Nixon didn’t call for justice to be done.

He called for a “vigorous prosecution” ending in “justice for the family of Michael Brown.”

He took sides.  And remember, the grand jury isn’t sequestered.  Even if they were, he made the comment before they hearing was convened.

As someone who has worked in law for 30 years, Nixon understands the impact statements like this can make on jurors and understands why tampering with juries is criminal.

The question now is, will anything be done about it, or will it be yet another action the Republican led General Assembly tolerates?

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McCaskill Comment Reinforces Mark Levin’s Warning Regarding Nationalization of Local Police (Video)

On Monday, Mark Levin asserted that he believed there was a push to nationalize local police forces through the Justice Department.

Tuesday, he built on what he said the day before:

Here’s the article Levin read from.

Outside of overt nationalization, which would be met with fierce resistance, how else could the federal government exert control over the local police?

The same way they coerced every state in the union to set the drinking age to 21.  They could threaten their funding:

In short, we ended up with a national minimum age of 21 because of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984. This law basically told states that they had to enact a minimum drinking age of 21 or lose up to ten percent of their federal highway funding. Since that’s serious coin, the states jumped into line fairly quickly. Interestingly, this law doesn’t prohibit drinking per se; it merely cajoles states to outlaw purchase and public possession by people under 21.

The federal government could tell local police forces what to do and how to operate by saying they’ll restrict the federal money that flows to their budgets.

Crazy talk?

Not to Sen. Claire McCaskill:

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill said Tuesday that police officers across the country should be required to wear body cameras in order for their departments to qualify for federal funds.

McCaskill believes that the ubiquity of cameras gives way to incidents in which only part of the story is recorded, seen or understood. So, a body camera on every officer will not only protect citizens against police misconduct, but also protect officers from wrongful accusations.


“I would like to see us say, ‘If you want federal funding in your community, you’ve got to have body cams on your officers,’” she said. “And I think that would go a long way towards solving some of these problems, and it would be a great legacy over this tragedy that’s occurred in Ferguson, regardless of what the facts say at the end as to whether or not anyone is criminally culpable.”

Do you honestly think it will stop there?

There’s no way.  Read the letter progressives wrote calling for the nationalization again and tell me what couldn’t be done by threat of restricted funding.

And it’s illustrative of the left’s thinking.  Don’t call for local governments to do this willingly.  Don’t call for federal funds so local law enforcement can afford cameras.

Use force.

Make them.

Threaten them.

Furthermore, she obviously thinks force would be necessary.

Why?  If I were a cop, I’d want a camera on me.  If the force didn’t provide one, I’d buy a GoPro for my own protection.

It might be that local police forces can’t afford them.

Nope.  Not in Claire’s mind.

They don’t want them.  They have to be forced to use them.

She sees this abuse of power as “a great legacy.”

How do you see it?


Welcome fellow fans of Mark Levin.  And thanks Mark for sharing the article.  If you haven’t done it yet, go like his Facebook page.

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Mark Levin on Rep. Lacy Clay: “He doesn’t want to get to the truth! He wants to get to a result. I’ll prove it to you.”


He’s on point here:

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VIDEO: Democrat Rep. Lacy Clay Warns of More “Problems in the Streets” If Justice Isn’t Served in Ferguson

Sunday on Face the Nation, Rep. Lacy Clay was asked if he thought there would be more protests or riots following the funeral for Mike Brown on Sunday.  Clay said he didn’t think there would be problems at the funeral, but…

I guess what I’m most concerned about, and I made a promise to Michael Brown’s parents that I would do everything to bring all of the resources of the federal government to this investigation so that it’s transparent, do that it’s a viable investigation and we get to the truth.  Now, if, ah I’m more concerned that if we do not get to the truth, and get to what actually happened and bring  justice to this situation, then there’s going to be a problem in the streets.

What’s “the truth,” according to Lacy Clay?  What is “justice?”

Does he think there will be “problems in the street” if Darren Wilson is convicted, but is innocent?  That would not be justice, but do you think there would be problems in the street if Wilson is wrongly convicted?

Does he mean that if an investigation is held and it finds that Darren Wilson had a clean shooting and is free to go, that justice is served and everyone will be cool with that?

Or does he mean if Darren Wilson isn’t indicted and convicted of the murder of Mike Brown, there will be problems?

I’m leaning towards the last one.

What else could he mean?

The logical conclusion is the final choice, that if Wilson isn’t convicted, there will be trouble.

And he’s not the first elected official to say that.

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Strange: In Less Than 12 Hours, Nixon Changed His Mind About Attending Mike Brown’s Funeral

Yesterday’s funeral in Ferguson for Mike Brown, the man shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

On the 24th, Huffington Post reported that Gov. Jay Nixon was going to attend:

Nixon plans on attending Brown’s funeral on Monday, an aide said.

However, the next day:

Gov. Jay Nixon won’t be attending the funeral of 18-year-old Michael Brown this morning at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, his office says.

Here’s when the first article was posted:


and the second:



In less than 12 hours, Nixon changed his mind.


He says that Brown’s family “deserves time to focus on remembering Michael and grieving their loss.”

Why would Nixon’s presence there prevent that?

Am I the only one that thinks something smells in the state of Ferguson?

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