The Show-Me Report: July 23, 2014

KMOV: Is MoDOT using road signs to urge voter to support a tax increase?

West Central MO Info: MFB Supports Amendment 7

Ozark Area Network: Sen. Blunt’s Staff to Hold Two Mobile Office Events July 30

Ozark Area Network: Missouri Senators Discuss New Education Provisions

Missouri Business Alert: Missouri attracts another KC-area business in ‘border war’

PoliticMo: Missouri to decide on new lottery ticket in August

Show-Me Daily: This Illustration Of Missouri Pension Enhancements Says It All

The Missouri Times: Andy Blunt: Having the Ball During Crunch Time

KBIA: Progress Report: Normandy School Hiring Hits 80 Percent, Will Try ‘Flipped’ Classrooms

Post-Dispatch: Latest Dooley ad hits Stenger over Oakville senior apartment controversy

Post-Dispatch: Hobby Lobby debate improbably surfaces in St. Louis County Executive race

The Rolla Daily News: Fox, Shockley face off in Republican race for prosecutor

Show-Me Daily: Show Me Better (Part 2): Certificate Of Need And Access To Care

The Eagle 93.9: Blunt: VA should compete on veterans care

Post-Dispatch: Normandy did not use relief appropriated by Legislature

Kansas City Business Journal: KC will see more outflow than inflow from transportation tax

Post-Dispatch: Taxi commission approves changes, but waits on imposing $25 minimum fare for luxury car service

The Missourian: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Amendment 1 would protect all of Missouri’s farmers, ranchers

PoliticMo: Should there be a constitutional ‘right-to-farm’? Missouri voters will decide in August

PoliticMo: Gov. Nixon signs measure extending Missouri Rx program

PoliticMo: A week after Joplin-area Democrats announce opposition to ‘right to farm’, Koster to visit area in support

Post-Dispatch: Missouri school board restores transfer rights for certain students

KIX 102.5: Missouri Gov Candidate Sounds Off on Amendment 7

Fox 4: Some say prescription drug database would curb abuse; others ask, at what cost?

The Missouri Times: The Missouri Times hosts SD2 Debate

Fox 2: Missouri governor tours Iowa ethanol plant

Missourinet: Missouri children: below average (AUDIO)

St. Joseph Post: Pres. Obama coming to Kansas City

St. Joseph Post: Sen. Blunt On Court Ruling Against ObamaCare

Post-Dispatch: Missouri sheriff accused of taking inmates to bars quits

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Letter to the Editor: Brooks Hurst Endorses Roger Parshall for State Rep.

Roger Parshall is the clear choice for Northwest Missouri’s First District State Representative. Roger is a Nodaway County native and grew up working on the very farm that he owns and still operates to this day. He has more than 20 years of experience in his personal business, which he has built from the ground up. Roger also has 40+ years of experience running a farm, and a lifetime of experience doing what’s right.

As a lifelong farmer and member of the Board of Directors for Missouri Soybean Association, I know Roger is the best choice for agriculture in Northwest Missouri. I talk with Roger about issues facing agriculture and business development in our corner of the state. He’s very knowledgeable about the problems we face, he is trustworthy, and extremely dedicated the betterment of our area. With his vast farming and business background, he will be a great asset representing the conservative values of our district.

As an agriculture advocate for Northwest Missouri I am proud to endorse Roger Parshall as the Republican candidate for Missouri State Representative.

-Brooks Hurst

Board of Directors MO Soybean Association (former president); Former Chairman MO Ag & Small Business Development Association; Board of Directors Paseo Cargill Biodiesel Plant; Board of Directors Atchison County Farm Bureau; Member St. John Lutheran Church; former Board of directors Atchison County Development Corporation; Member Congressman Sam Graves Ag Advisory Committee; Member Governors Task Force on Agriculture for Gov. Holden

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The Show-Me Report: July 22, 2014

Show-Me Daily: Show Me Better: Assessing Certificate Of Need In Missouri

The Missouri Times: First or last? Missouri leads, or lags, on several legislative issues

Show-Me Daily: Amendment 7: The Tax That Keeps On Taxing

Missouri Business Alert: St. Louis Taxicab Commission to weigh allowing Uber black

The Missouri Times: Press Release: John “Jay” Ashcroft Releases First Ad in 24th District State Senate Race

ABC 17: List of uncontested races in Missouri

The Missouri Times: Letter to the Editor: Sen. Parson on Amendment 1

Post-Dispatch: Proposed Missouri amendment would extend privacy protection to cell phones, email

PoliticMo: Jay Nixon to visit Iowa ethanol plant

KMOV: Normandy School District looking to hire teachers

PoliticMo: Missouri House Ag chairman stands by ballot proposal on farming

St. Joseph Post: Senator Blunt Addresses VFW National Convention

Examiner: Missourians will vote on whether right to keep and bear arms is ‘unalieanable’

Missourinet: McCaskill, Blunt tell vets that nation owes them (AUDIO)

St. Joseph Post: McCaskill Urges Department of Ed to Require Colleges to Inform Assault Survivors of Nurse Examiners

Post-Dispatch: Search widens for missing Ste. Genevieve Co. woman

20 Pounds of Headlines: Salina Bans Open Carry Weapons in Public Buildings

Kansas City Business Journal: KC district pleads for temporary state accreditation

Kansas City Business Journal: Is Missouri becoming ‘America’s Drugstore’?

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Two Weeks In, Still No Clue As To Lynn Messer’s Whereabouts

Two weeks ago, Lynn Messer disappeared. After weeks of searching, there’s still no clue as to where she went.

On July 17, the following press conference was held at the Ste. Genevieve Sheriff’s Department, where Missouri Highway Patrol spokesman Juston Wheetley read a formal statement and introduced Lynn’s husband, Kerry Messer:

From the Daily Journal Online:

“I want to start by thanking everybody involved. First off, the press and news agencies, I want to thank you for showing up. We need your help,” said Kerry. “I want to thank Sheriff Gary Stolzer for tremendous job that he and his staff have been doing and all the law enforcement he has enlisted that have been so responsive. The literally hundreds of search and rescue people with their dogs and with their expertise that has helped through a very difficult process of elimination. To go through property that is very difficult to search, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for their help.”

He continued to thank his family who stood with him during the press conference. He also thanked the countless number of people who have been helping with searching and the thousands who have joined them in praying they could find her.

Kerry then addressed his wife directly.

“If you can see this: We love you. I love you. I love you to the bottom of my heart,” said Kerry

“We are looking, we’re searching. We’re not going to quit until we find you. If you can respond in any way to let us know something, do so. If you’re in a situation where you can’t respond, don’t despair, we are not going to stop looking.”

The search, to be done effectively, needs volunteers.

According to the “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook page:

You can find updated search schedules there.

If you have a possible sighting of Lynn Messer, contact the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office at 573-883-5820 ext: 27463.

And Kerry would also appreciate any prayers you could offer for finding Lynn.


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The Show-Me Report: July 21, 2014

KBIA: Legislators May Have Numbers To Counter Nixon’s Vetoes

KRCU: Missouri Voters To Decide On Privacy Protection, Veterans’ Lottery Ticket

Missouri Business Alert: Missouri Chamber praises new unemployment benefits law

Dexter Daily Statesman: Governor Nixon signs bill to permit legal growth of marijuana in Missouri

The Rolla Daily News: Congressman Jason Smith Capitol Report: 2014 Can Still be “A Year of Action”

St. Joseph Post: Blunt, McCaskill Introduce Bill To Give Certainty To Power Generators, Protect Reliability

Columbia Daily Tribune: Jones blames reporting error for timing on tobacco company donation

Southeast Missourian: Missouri sales tax is bad policy for improving roads

News-Tribune: Amendment 7 proponents enter election with cash advantage

Urban Review STL: Poll: How Do You Plan To Vote On Missouri’s Five Proposed Constitutional Amendments?

Fox 4 KC: Marchers push for legalized medical cannabis in Missouri and Kansas

KSHB: Medical marijuana supporters in KS, MO team up

New York Times: Missouri Alone in Resisting Prescription Drug Database

Missourinet: Chamber applauds signing of bill redefining ‘misconduct’

West Central MO Info: Sen. McCaskill Says GM legal team’s actions ‘killed innocent customers’

The Missourian: SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Track activity of Missouri charities, donations online

West Central MO Info: Important Agriculture Meeting in Clinton Wednesday Night

Connect Mid-Missouri: Sedalia Regional Airport hopes improvements lead to more traffic

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Franklin County Republican Club Debate on Amendment 7 (Video)

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TORCH EXCLUSIVE: “Our right to privacy is as essential today as it was when our U.S. Constitution was written.” By Sen. Rob Schaaf

schaafProtecting liberty is the most important conservative cause. Recent changes in our world directly threaten our liberty. The actions of the US intelligence sector reveal that the government believes it has unlimited authority to spy on Americans. Government officials seem to believe that government must no longer respect the privacy rights of individuals, but that they can freely listen in to anyone, anytime, under the color of national security.

Individual privacy has been most in jeopardy since 9/11. Subsequently, many people believe that security from terrorism has been worth the price in privacy we have paid. Many of the founders warned against this very thinking. In fact, Benjamin Franklin suggested, “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Our reliance on technology has made us complacent, and we forget that founding father wisdom applies to technology, too. Just because recent technology (and even electricity) did not exist at the birth of our nation, our right to electronic privacy still matters. The phone in my pocket has replaced my briefcase, and government should have no more right to snoop in my computer than their limited right to snoop in my filing cabinet.

The issue of electronic privacy is testing the principles of liberty enshrined in our Constitution. In our hyper-connected, technologically savvy world, we are at a crossroads: do we continue to put security before liberty? Or do we take back our liberty? Conservatives have consistently told me that government is too big and intrusive. But lately, as I travel my district and the state, people of all political pursuasions say that our government now collects far too much data. Most even express outrage at the level of snooping they believe government to be doing on average citizens. They want it stopped. Now is the time to offer a solution that limits government and protects the technological privacy we let slip away.

On August 5th, Missouri voters will have the chance to reclaim lost liberty. A resolution I sponsored and passed and will put Constitutional Amendment 9 on the ballot. If approved, it will be the first of its kind in the nation and will extend legal protections to our electronic communications and data. While the courts have taken small steps to protect electronic privacy, (e.g. Riley v. California a decision handed down this year), work is still needed. Amendment 9 will secure all electronic communications and data from unreasonable search and seizure just as our person, papers, homes and effects are now secured by our state Constitution. Simply stated, government should have a warrant based upon probable cause that a law has been violated before searching electronic devices or intercepting communications, the same as a warrant should be obtained before searching our homes or steaming open our mail.

Our right to privacy is as essential today as it was when our U.S. Constitution was written. Please vote yes on Amendment 9.


Rob Schaaf

Senator – District 34

Proudly Representing Buchanan and Platte Counties

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The Show-Me Report: July 16, 2014

The Missourian: ‘Right to Farm’ divides Missouri as it charts unknown territory

Missouri Secretary of State: Kander Expands Online Business Filing Options with New Website

Show-Me Daily: Breaking: Another Study Backs Up The Show-Me Institute

MPNS: Dooley Asks FBI for Permission (Which He has & Doesn’t Need) to Release Details of Mueth Audit

St. Joseph Post: Blunt Applauds Committee Approval To Extend Growler Aircraft Production

The Turner Report: McCaskill campaign uses Todd Akin comeback as fundraising tool

St. Louis Public Radio: Slay Names Alderman Florida As New Recorder Of Deeds

Post-Dispatch: Funderburk drops campaign to unseat Ehlmann as St. Charles County executive

Post-Dispatch: Three candidates for Missouri governor in 2016 are already sitting on $3.5M

MPNS: Obamacare Hurts Women, But Dems Too Focused On Misleading About Hobby Lobby Decision; WaPo Fact Checker Admonishes Dems For Responses “Untethered” From Facts‏

The Missouri Times: Press Release: Hanaway Raises $443K in First Five Months of Campaign

Ozark Area Network: Smith Calls on EPA Head to Listen to Farmers on Regulation Tour

MPNS: Lawsuit Filed to Uncover True Cost to Taxpayer of Renewable Energy Scheme in Missouri

Post-Dispatch: Dooley fires back at McCulloch after feds support his position on Mueth report

KBIA: Temporary Fix For Highway Money Is Well-Traveled Road

Kansas City Business News: PAC supporting KC streetcar raises $142,000

Fox 4: Governor Nixon vetoes bill which could’ve armed school teachers

Connect Mid-Missouri: Right-to-farm supporters rally in Ashland

Kirksville Daily Express: Opponents: ‘Right to Farm’ will destroy family farm

The Missourian: WHAT OTHERS SAY: ‘Right to Farm’ vague, confusing, one-sided

The Missourian: ‘Right to Farm’: Statements from supporters and opponents

KMOV: Mother: Missouri DFS lost my son

St. Louis Tea Party: Francis Slay Destroys the Transportation Sales Tax Trying to Support It

Missourinet: Appeals court considering Middleton stay (AUDIO)

ABC 17: Missouri execution on hold after late stay granted

News-Tribune: Blunt consolidates constituent services

St. Joseph Post: Senator Blunt: Religious Freedom Matters (VIDEO)

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The Show-Me Report: July 15, 2014

Show-Me Daily: ‘Right To Try’ Law Gets Gov. Nixon’s Signature

PoliticMo: Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed more bills this summer than he had any year before

The Eagle: Nixon vetoes electronic cigarette measure

20 Pounds of Headlines: Nixon Does Not Sign 2 Bill, But they Become Law Anyway

Ozark Area Network: Nixon, Legislature Set to Square Off on Abortion Bill

KSHB: Gov. Nixon approves cannabis extract law

Ozark Area Network: Nixon Signs Bill for Change in Missouri Education Standard

The Eagle: Possible common core revisions coming

Sen. Kraus: Senators Speak Out Against the Governor’s Veto on Common-Sense Gun Legislation

Fox 4: Mo. lawmakers push to arm teachers with guns

The Turner Report: Common Core opponents win opening round; Nixon signs HB 1490

Fox 2: Dueling rallies over transportation tax “Amendment 7″ held across town

Post-Dispatch: Missouri answers feds on Medicaid backlog

The Rolla Daily News: Sen. Kraus running for Missouri secretary of state

Ozark Area Network: Congressman Jason Smith Discusses Turmoil in Iraq

The Rolla Daily News: Ex-US Rep. Akin defends ‘legitimate rape’ remarks

KBIA: For Republicans, Silence Is Golden When It Comes To Akin’s Book

Fox 4: Sales tax changes result in dance studio owner being hit with thousands in back taxes

KPLR: St. Louis health official urges horse-drawn carriage ban

Post-Dispatch: Followers on Dooley Twitter feed balloons to 2,700 – but who’s counting?

Marshall Democrat News: Attorney General Koster endorses Amendment 1

Post-Dispatch: St. Charles County elections chief refunds $313,000 in grant money to state

Southeast Missourian: Candidates to appear at Cape County Tea Party meeting

The Turner Report: Ron Richard nears half a million in campaign account

Missourinet: Sixth execution of year scheduled for tonight

St. Joseph Post: Northwest Missouri Man To Be Executed Early Wednesday Morning

KMOV: Lawyers: Missouri condemned man deserves new trial

Congressman Jason Smith: Congressman Jason Smith Urges Opening of Fremont Post Office

Congressman Jason Smith: Congressman Jason Smith: House E&W Appropriations Bill Strips “Waters of the U.S.” Funding

Kirksville Daily Express: Bailey on education

Kirksville Daily Express: Walker on education

Kirksville Daily Express: Walker vs. Bailey: On education

KMOV: Normandy parents sue over school transfer changes

The Missouri Times: Mathews unopposed after open filing period

Fox 4: Missouri man faces sentencing in teen sex trafficking case

Morning Briefing: STL wins preliminary injunction against Lyft

KPLR: The American Legion sends team to help troubled veterans in St. Louis area

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The Show-Me Report: July 14, 2014

Columbia Daily Tribune: Hello Progressive government, goodbye cheap electricity

News-Tribune: Legislature’s final fiscal notes generally agree with Nixon’s estimates

Fox 2: Missouri Gov. Nixon faces decision on 7 bills

News-Tribune: With 7 bills remaining, Nixon’s 31 vetoes set new personal high

St. Joseph Post: Farmers Need Your Support

Post-Dispatch: Money flowing to Missouri transportation tax group

Ozark Area Network: Governor Nixon Signs Vaccination Requirement Bill

Ozark Area Network: MoDOT Announces Local Work to Start Monday

The Rolla Daily News: Rep. Robert Ross Capitol Report for July 7

The Rolla Daily News: Congressman Jason Smith Capitol Report: EPA Wants to Regulate Waters of the U.S.

Connect Mid-Missouri: Family farm weighs in on Missouri’s “ag-gag” law

News-Tribune: State transportation tax group reaps donation windfall

The Missourian: Records show Kansas City effort to land convention

Ozarks First: August Ballot: Missouri Voters Have Five Measures To Mull

The Joplin Globe: Missouri’s Bright Flight scholarship to be fully funded for top students

The College Fix: Obamacare Hikes Insurance Rate by 411 Percent for Missouri’s Male Millennials

Post-Dispatch: Another Ashcroft enters politics, spurs GOP face-off for Missouri Senate seat

Missourinet: St. Louis VA whistleblower tells congressional committee about retaliation (AUDIO)

The Eagle: Kansas City sees least deadly year in four decades

The Eagle: MoDOT project list finalized

Connect Tri-states: Businesses support Missouri transportation tax campaign

News-Tribune: Three Republicans vying for Cole County clerk

Post-Dispatch: Jail shutting down for good in southeast Missouri county

Fox 2: St. Louis, Kansas City make abandoned homes list

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