DESE’s Holding a Public Hearing on Missouri’s New Education Standards on Monday – Here Are the Details

This starts at 11 am. I’m told you’ll want to get there early. The rumor is that DESE wants the room filled with sycophants.

See you there:

Missouri Learning Standards Public Hearing Notice 10-27-2014

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FLASHBACK: Roorda Misses Important Vote in House to Attend Funeral

Back in 2010, Rep. Jeff Roorda and Speaker Tim Jones went after each other on the House floor after Jones took exception to what Roorda was saying:

Representative Jeff Roorda (D):….this chamber, Mister Speaker. All we saw all week was phoney baloney amendments to take this director’s salary away or that director’s salary away. Grandstanding that we know is not going to be there at the end. We, and then we get mad when our side actually cuts our, our fund, our House contingency fund, people are mad. (voice off microphone) Be quiet. You, if you’ve got something to say then you stand up and you. (shouting off microphone)
Speaker: Gentlemen. (gavel)

Representative Tim Jones (r): (off microphone shouting) Nice walking on the bill. [Inaudible] walk on the bill (repeated). You lie, you lie, you’re a liar.

(off microphone shouts)

Speaker: Gentlemen. Sargeant at Arms. Mister Sargeant at Arms….

“Walking on the bill.” What does that mean?

That means when it was time for a bill to be voted on, Roorda walked off the House floor and didn’t vote on it.

Is that true?

Yeah, Roorda walked. He did it all the time. He was known for it. Still is.

But this time, he said then it was for a good reason:

Representative Roorda (D): …Lost my cool. I apologize for that. Uh, as I was speaking on the budget I was accused by another member of walking on critical votes yesterday. Uh, Mister Speaker I think everybody in the body should be aware, based on my remarks Monday, that I lost a dear friend…and I did leave to attend his funeral yesterday Mister Speaker….

Makes sense. I mean, they aren’t going to schedule a funeral around the General Assembly.

So, why bring this up now?

Because Rep. Jeff Roorda is raising funds off of Rep. Paul Wieland’s cancelation of a debate, when the reason he canceled in because of the death of his father-in-law.

Not only is Roorda classless, but he’s an military grade hypocrite.

I would believe that consoling your wife over the death of her father would tend to distract a person from debate prop. Sadly, Roorda doesn’t appear to have an ounce of compassion, as he won’t even mention the loss or offer his condolences on Twitter. Instead, he attacks Wieland during his time of mourning.

Just, wow.

For your viewing enjoyment, here’s the altercation from 2010:

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PATHETIC: Wieland Cancels Debate After Father In Law Dies, Roorda Raises Funds Off of It

Last night I posted on Rep. Jeff Roorda’s heartless tweet, announcing Rep. Paul Wieland’s decision to forgo a planned debate due to the death of his father in law. At the end of that, I noted that Roorda hadn’t tweeted his condolences or in any way commented on the Wieland family’s loss.

I said he was classless.

I had no idea how right I was:


Jaret Jensen said they informed The Missouri Times of the reason behind the cancelation when they contacted them. I’ve reached out to Scott Faughn, publisher of The Missouri Times, to see if they relayed the reason to Team Roorda when they notified them the debate was off.

I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t, or that Team Roorda wouldn’t ask.

Regardless, it’s common knowledge now, and Roorda still hasn’t offered any condolences via Twitter. The last tweet he sent is below:

No class.

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The Show-Me Report: October 24, 2014

Fox 2: Missouri police preparing for grand jury decision

Post-Dispatch: Police arrest 5 in protest outside Ferguson police headquarters

KMOV: Has unrest in Ferguson led to the recent surge in crime?

Fox 2: One man’s protests push police to the limit

KMOV: Protest at Missouri State homecoming elicits slurs

KBIA: With Ferguson Protests, 20-Somethings Become First-Time Activists

Fox 2: Protesters gather in south city, SLU campus area overnight

St. Louis American: Black Democrats have a white Democrat problem

The Huffington Post: Report: Several Black Witnesses Largely Back Up Officer’s Account Of Michael Brown Shooting

Fox 2: Ferguson on edge as doubts raised over Darren Wilson indictment

The Huffington Post: Ferguson Protester: Things Will ‘Never Be The Same’ If Darren Wilson Isn’t Indicted

Fox 2: Officer Wilson’s attorneys say they’re not responsible for leaks

KMOV: Wilson attorneys, Dooley question leaks

Courthouse News Service: Michael Brown-Linked Brawl Sparks Probe

Post-Dispatch: Private autopsy suggests Vonderrit Myers was shot while fleeing St. Louis officer

Missourinet: ACLU troubled by St. Louis plan for citywide surveillance

KPLR: Charlie Dooley’s son allegedly linked to 17 area convenience store robberies

Show-Me Daily: St. Louis County Municipalities: Should More Consider Disincorporation?

Fox 2: Gov. Nixon meets with Hazelwood West High School students

Show-Me Daily: An Idea for Kansas City Schools: Give Principals Power

Ozark Area Network: Congressman Smith Seeking Applicants for Service Academies

Ozark Area Network: Missouri Senators Discuss School Transfer Bill

Post-Dispatch: EPA approves Missouri water quality rules

Fox 2: Gay scene in high school play has some parents raising objections

News-Tribune: Ride-sharing Lyft has agreement with Kansas City

News-Tribune: Missouri budget amendment drawing ad spending

KRMS: Unemployment Numbers Unchanged In Missouri

The Missourian: Bonds approved for Missouri mental hospital

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FCC Wants 911 Operators To Be Able To Locate Emergencies Called in Via Cell Phone

The following is a guest post.


More and more, Americans are using mobile phones as their primary mode of communication, but emergency services have not been given the tools they need to keep up with the times. Despite official estimates of well over 70% of emergency dials now coming from cell phones, 9-1-1 dispatchers do not have the technology to locate these mobile callers. The FCC has proposed a solution that could save the lives of nearly 200 Missourians each year, but big business is getting in the way.

Over the last ten years, the amount of people calling for help from cell phones has almost doubled in some counties, leaving emergency service technology in the dust. When you dial 9-1-1 from a landline, the dispatcher can easily locate your address to send help quickly and efficiently. When you dial from a cell phone, on the other hand, your location is often unavailable unreliable, and this is in spite of GPS technology equipped on most cell phones.

Last year, two Missouri citizens paid the ultimate price for this delay, when a house fire could not be located, as the caller dialed from a mobile phone, delaying responders for at least five extra minutes.

Dispatchers already have a high pressure job as it is, easing anxious callers and coordinating rescue services. Now, they have to become creative when addresses or coordinates are unavailable. Callers are not always able to convey this information, and even when they can, it might be difficult to understand, or they might not be at a location with an address. There are enough rural locations in Missouri for this to be a vital concern that should be addressed immediately.

The FCC’s proposed rule would bring 9-1-1 into the modern era. The technology is available, but cell phone providers are standing in the way, actively fighting against this vital update. Whatever qualms they may have cannot possibly compare with the need to reach individuals in distress as quickly as possible. Let’s not repeat the tragic mistakes of our recent past. Countless lives are on the line – we need to be able to find them when they need us.

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Classless: Roorda Tweets Opponent Bailed on Debate, Doesn’t Mention It’s Because There’s a Death in His Family

I already had a low opinion of Rep. Jeff Roorda. From his alluding that a Republican colleague in the House behaved like a Nazi to his obvious lie to cover for a dirty cop’s assault on a handcuffed black kid, I didn’t think my opinion of him could get any lower.

Today, he showed me it could with this tweet:

Now, what’s the big deal about that tweet?

The reason Wieland canceled is because of a death in his family:

Roorda sent his tweet yesterday. He has yet to tweet any condolences for Wieland’s loss.

Just classless.

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The Show-Me Report: October 23, 2014

Daily Mail: Blow by blow, Ferguson cop’s FULL version of why he shot Michael Brown: ‘Incredibly strong’ teen pressed gun to cop’s hip, the gun was jammed by a finger – and kill shot was fired as Brown ‘charged’

KMOV: Protesters march inside St. Louis County Police Department headquarters

Post-Dispatch: Activists confront officers inside St. Louis County Police headquarters

Fox 2: Brown’s family attorney comments on information leaks

Post-Disptach: Ferguson committee gets a storefront

Fox 2: Protesters clash with cops in Ferguson on, “Day Against Police Brutality” – 2 arrests

Fox 2: Many upset about leaks of Officer Wilson’s account of Michael Brown shooting

KMOV: Tensions escalate in Ferguson amid leaks about Brown shooting investigation

KMOV: Holder unhappy with leaks in Brown shooting case

Fox 2: Ferguson protest heats up after autopsy report is leaked

KBIA: New Autopsy Report Suggests Michael Brown Was Shot At Close Range

News-Tribune: Expert: Autopsy doesn’t show if Brown went for gun

The Missourian: Historian traces economic and racial divides in Ferguson, St. Louis

KPLR: Washington University students walk out of class for #FergusonOctober

Hot Air: Report: At least seven black witnesses have corroborated Darren Wilson’s testimony before the Ferguson grand jury

The Washington Post: Evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson

The Missourian: Protest against Ferguson police blocks Atlanta freeway

Fox 2: Police investigating assault and theft following argument between Brown family relatives

Post-Dispatch: How would marijuana have affected Michael Brown? It’s difficult to measure, experts say

KPLR: New autopsy results for Vonderitt Myers Jr. to be released Thursday

Post-Dispatch: Body count in St. Louis poised to surpass 2013 total with two months left in year

St. Joseph Post: Missouri budget amendment drawing ad spending

Missourinet: Senators: Is Missouri ready for Ebola? (AUDIO)

Southeast Missourian: Amendment 10 would curb governor’s budget power

Connect Mid-Missouri: Basye says state needs to run more efficiently

The Eagle: Rowden says money doesn’t sway his votes

Show-Me Daily: Missouri’s Medicaid Program Striking Out Intended Beneficiaries

Post-Dispatch: Webster council OKs revised law that allows open carry

St. Joseph Post: Missouri Republicans call for Ebola travel ban

The Turner Report: Sinquefield gives another $10,000 to Hanaway

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Nationally Recognized Education Expert Says Missouri’s 1490 Workgroups Creating “Warmed Over Common Core” (Video)

On Monday, nationally recognized education expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky observed two of the 1490 workgroups meeting to develop Missouri’s new education standards. She first observed the Science Grades 6-12 workgroup at 9 am, followed by a visit to the English Language Arts Grades 6-12 workgroup at 10 am.

A photo posted by Duane Lester (@duanelester) on

Dr. Stotsky spoke to the Science workgroup for over 40 minutes after being asked a question by one of the members of the workgroup. They were open and courteous, taking time to the insights of a former member of the Common Core Validation Committee.

When she was asked a question by a member of the ELA workgroup, though, there was stiff resistance from members of the group, beginning with Ann Franklin, who was placed on the the workgroup by the Missouri School Boards Association. When Heather Drury attempted to ask Stotsky a question, Franklin immediately objected.

“No. No. That’s not the way the legislation reads,” she said.

HB 1490 has text in it that would allow outside experts to be allowed to be considered by the workgroup. It not just allows it, it compels it:

When this was pointed out, Franklin then made a motion.

“I’d like to move that only workgroup members participate in the discussion,” Franklin said.

There was quite a bit of debate over whether Stotsky would be allowed to address the question she was asked. Those opposed to letting her speak were mainly appointed to the group by the educational industrial complex. In the end, they took a vote on Franklin’s motion and it failed by a 7-7 vote.

That’s right. Seven members of this group didn’t want to hear from a noted expert on education standards. Not only that, but if this motion passed, they wouldn’t even have allowed the Governor or Lt. Governor to participate. If there’s a better example of the arrogant attitude from the institutional members of the group, I don’t know what it is.

(Now that I think about it, I wish this would have passed. I would have enjoyed watching these ladies tell Gov. Nixon to pipe down. Or better yet, watch them try that on Lt. Gov. Kinder.) Here’s video of when Dr. Stotsky was invited to speak, and the resulting protest by the educational establishment:

I left the conference room at this point, mainly because I thought they were done listening to her and secondarily because it was sweltering in that conference room. However, Stotsky was asked another question, this time by Stacey Shore, who was appointed to the committee by Speaker of the House Tim Jones.

The debate was interesting. The following video gives you a taste of the contentious relationship of this workgroup. Also, it contains the vote on Franklin motion to shut outside input on the group down:

When Stotsky was on her way out, I was able to catch up with her and get a comment on what she had observed. She was not impressed:

Later, when she was addressing a group in the Capitol, she told them this was the first time she had ever had a group try to refuse to let her speak. She added that what she observed in the workgroups led her to conclude they were simply producing “warmed over Common Core.”

The intent of HB 1490 was to prevent the implementation of Common Core in Missouri. If Stotsky is correct, it’s probable we’ll see more legislation next session to address this issue.

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The Show-Me Report: October 22, 2014

Post-Dispatch: Source: Darren Wilson says Michael Brown kept charging at him

Post-Dispatch: Official autopsy shows Michael Brown had close-range wound to his hand, marijuana in system

Fox 4: Timing of leaked Ferguson details could be ‘strategic’

Fox 2: Ferguson turns into tinderbox once again after new details leaked

The Missouri Times: Spence unveils Ferguson1000Jobs

Fox 2: “Ferguson 1,000″ initiative working to bring jobs to the area

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri Voters To Decide Amendments On Early Voting, Teacher Tenure And Sex Crime Trial Rules

Post-Dispatch: Negotiations, concessions lead to end of Occupy SLU protest

KPLR: State senator had loaded gun at time of arrest, police suspected intoxication

Fox 2: Last Ferguson town hall meeting held by the Justice Department lightly attended

Post-Dispatch: Protesters find support for peaceful tactics at St. Louis Council meeting

The Missourian: Candidates field questions from Columbia Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters

Fox 2: City of Pevely receives “poor” rating by Missouri State Auditor

St. Joseph Post: Sen. Blunt On DHS Announcement: Simply Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Ozark Area Network: Sen. Blunt’s Staff to Hold Mobile Office Event in Ava

The Eagle: Schweich to audit communities with over-active speed traps

The Eagle: Uber stirs more controversy in Columbia

Show-Me Daily: Chart Correction on Show-Me Institute Essay

Missourinet: Hartzler wants more restrictions on travel to fight Ebola

Show-Me Daily: The Teachers’ Union Cycle

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Tweet of the Day: Democrats Using Ferguson to Drive Voter Turnout, But…

Hashtag “Truth”

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