BOOM: Rep. Keith English Ditches Far Left Missouri Democrat Party, Becomes An Independent

Here’s the press release:

Jefferson City, MO – Representative Keith English has announced this morning that he will no longer serve with the Democratic Party. After much thought and prayer, English feels he can better serve the people of his district, and of this state, as an Independent.

English was first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2012; defeating fellow Democrats Bert Atkins and Todd Hoffman in a three-way primary, and later Republican Becky Sharma in the General Election.

He came to the Missouri House of Representatives as a blue-dog, traditional Democrat. English is outspoken on issues such as abortion, gun rights, and personal freedom. He is also a strong opponent of right-to-work legislation that has surfaced recently in the Missouri Legislature.

During the announcement English stated, “This is no longer the Democrat Party of Bill Clinton or John F Kennedy. I’m leaving the party because I love my state. It shouldn’t matter whether I’m conservative or liberal … what is most important is that we raise the level of debate in this country through informed discussions that lead to policies that benefit all Missourians.”

English is the second Democratic Representative to leave the Democrat Party this year, shrinking their representation in the Missouri House of Representatives to 44 of 163 members.

The poor radicals left in the Missouri Democratic Party are poo-pooing their dwindling numbers:

That’s right. They’re stronger now.

Keep telling yourself that, folks.

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Source: Epic Keith English Mic Drop Causes Eruption in Democratic House Caucus

5369a323a7129.preview-620 Here’s the story as I was told it by a source that I trust.

During a recent the Democratic House Caucus, someone brought up the fact that Rep. Keith English was given a third floor office by the Speaker of the House. The general consensus was that it was a reward for being the 109th vote to overturn Gov. Nixon’s veto of a tax cut bill, a vote Speaker John Diehl allegedly had a hand in.

I’m told the caucus raked English over the coals for his vote, and then Rep. Carla May stood up.

She allegedly told the caucus that when you join an organization and know the rules, you need to follow those rules. You need to behave. And Rep. English didn’t. He broke the rules and now he’s being rewarded for it.

English, being a cage fighter who’s not afraid to stand up and face a battle, rose and responded that if that’s true in the House, it’s true everywhere.

He then said that Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street, breaking the rules. Maybe if he hadn’t been breaking the rules, he’d be alive today.

He then turned and walked out of the room. The caucus erupted.

Mic drop of the session? Maybe.

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The Show-Me Report: January 27, 2015

Missourinet: Missouri Auditor suggests state has too many planes, too much flight support

The Missouri Times: Bond, young veterans visit Capitol to lend support to SB287

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Missourinet: Missouri House Speaker on country club committee hearings


News-Tribune: Auditor: State has too many aircraft

News-Tribune: $376,000 spent flying commissioners to meetings

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JeffCo Tea Party: Self Governance Training

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The Eagle:sj Nixon outlines veterans’ homes funding plan

St. Joseph Post: McCaskill: Postal Service ‘essential to rural America

KMOV: McCulloch, Belmar to discuss Ferguson at SLU law forum

Fox 2: Ferguson protesters demand investigation into Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch

Fox 2: Police: Surveillance footage captures looting after Ferguson grand jury announcement

ABC 17: New look taken at drowning of handcuffed suspect in Missouri

St. Joseph Post: DWI checkpoints planned in St. Joseph

Missourinet: Missouri honors Sir Winston Church on the 50th anniversary of his death

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Connect Mid-Missouri: Osage County Sheriff’s license revoked

The Eagle: Osage Co. Sheriff loses license

KRCG: Dixon lost his license, but will he lose his office?

Missouri Political News Service: Audio: Gov. Blunt Addresses National Biodiesel Conference

The Missouri Times: New House Judiciary Committee chairman looks forward to judicial imrovements

The Missouri Times: An Open Letter from Kerry Messer

Post-Dispatch: Rams will play at Ed Jones Dome next year

Post-Dispatch: Boom time for St. Louis charter schools

The Rolla Daily News: Congressman Jason Smith Capitol Report: Protecting Life

The Rolla Daily News: Sen. Dan Brown: The State of Our State

The Turner Report: Jake Zimmerman to run for attorney general

The Missouri Times: PRESS RELEASE: Sen. Keaveny Files Legislation to Reduce Wrongful Convictions

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Sen. Bob Onder Hammers Pro-Obamacare Expansion Propaganda in Letter to the Editor

Low-Res-2Freshly minted State Senator Bob Onder, a doctor, took on the propaganda of the pro-Obamacare expansion crowd in a letter to the editors of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. First up, a talking point (and by “talking point,” I mean “lie”), that I busted last year and Patrick Ishmael destroyed in Forbes.

Many have urged us to take the “free money” offered to expand Medicaid. It is argued that Missouri taxpayers’ money is going to other states. This is simply not the case. There is no federal lockbox containing Missouri money. With a $500 billion federal deficit and an $18 trillion debt, Obamacare expansion money is money borrowed from China, money which our children and grandchildren will have to repay.

That’s exactly right. When progressives really wants to sell something, he do not hesitate to go full “Helen Lovejoy,” shrieking “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Well, it’s the children who are going to be saddled with the bills that pile up. What about them?

And while we’re talking about it, how much are we putting on them?

Obamacare Medicaid expansion would cost Missouri taxpayers tens of millions of dollars just to administer putting 300,000 able-bodied, working-age Missourians on Medicaid. And in time, Missouri’s 10 percent will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars, straining our Medicaid program at the expense of the children, elderly and disabled who truly need it.

And that’s if it stays at 10 percent, which it most certainly won’t. Also, that’s an estimate.

Let me give you an example of some “estimates” voters were sold a few years back:

In 1965, the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that the hospital insurance program of Medicare – the federal health care program for the elderly and disabled – would cost $9 billion by 1990. The actual cost that year was $67 billion.

In 1967, the House Ways and Means Committee said the entire Medicare program would cost $12 billion in 1990. The actual cost in 1990 was $98 billion.

In 1987, Congress projected that Medicaid – the joint federal-state health care program for the poor – would make special relief payments to hospitals of less than $1 billion in 1992. Actual cost: $17 billion.

The list goes on. The 1993 cost of Medicare’s home care benefit was projected in 1988 to be $4 billion, but ended up at $10 billion. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which was created in 1997 and projected to cost $5 billion per year, has had to be supplemented with hundreds of millions of dollars annually by Congress.

We don’t have to wait ten or twenty years, though. It’s happening in Arkansas right now:

The Arkansas Medicaid private option is already over budget by nearly 15 percent. Costs exceed federal caps and, absent a reversal, Arkansas taxpayers will be charged tens of millions more dollars in cost overruns.

Arkansas officials are coming soon to Washington to seek a federal bailout. This shifts the burden to U.S. taxpayers to pay for the empty promise of the fiscally unstable private option expansion.

Taxpayers in all the states will have to pick up the costs of the program in just a few years. That means stretched family budgets, and slashed funding for other priorities, including education, infrastructure and public safety.

This is why Onder concludes correctly that “Arkansas is likely to undo its Medicaid expansion in 2015.”

Expanding Medicaid is expanding government, and that’s rarely the right answer to any problem.

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Is The Missouri Legislative Black Caucus All Talk, Or Will They Answer the Call to Impeach Nixon?


Four days ago it was realized that an AP story about an effort to get Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson to resign contained an interesting line regarding the use of the National Guard during the expected riots.

Gateway Pundit was where I saw this pointed out first, but other sites also noted this line in an email from St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar to an assistant:

…The email lists several names of apparent attendees: McCaskill, Koster, Slay, Rainford, Diehl, Doyle, then-St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley and U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay.

Spokespeople for Clay and Koster declined immediate comment, and messages seeking comment from Dooley and St. Louis County police were not returned.

The email also made reference to a request to Gov. Jay Nixon to place the National Guard in front of Ferguson police headquarters on the date of the grand jury announcement. “Apparently the guard will not move to the FPD per the governor,” the email said.

Knowles and others were critical of the decision not to have the Guard in place in Ferguson at the time of the announcement, after a dozen area businesses were destroyed in fires during protests.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles revealed the email on The Allman Report:

Knowles mentions a FOIA request. Remember, these emails were requested back in November or December and the reporters who requested them were told they would get them on December 23:

The person to answer is the commander in chief of the Missouri National Guard, Governor Nixon. Gannett investigators filed public records requests with the Guard and the governor’s office. The Guard responded that all of its records are exempt from disclosure under Missouri law. The governor’s deputy chief of staff responded that his officer was working on the request, “you should expect to hear back about the status of your request by no later than December 23, 2014.”

It’s almost as if they wanted the reporters to get the information at a time when people wouldn’t be watching a lot of news, isn’t it?

Armed with this new information, let’s revisit the first day of this year’s legislative session and the words of Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal:

Whereas, Mr. Nixon ordered the National Guard to Ferguson to protect the property of Ferguson prior to the indictment announcement by County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch; and

Whereas, after the indictment announcement, despite Mr. Nixon’s promise to business owners, the National Guard was in fact NOT stationed in Ferguson (ground zero) or Dellwood and, as a result, both cities went up in flames; and

Whereas, by deciding not to deploy the Missouri National Guard to West Florissant on the day of the Grand Jury announcement, Mr. Nixon permitted several businesses to burn, including an office where the Senator from the 14th taught civic engagement classes to Ferguson residents; and

Whereas, as a result of Mr. Nixon’s broken promise to business owners, the State of Missouri will be obligated for millions of dollars to repair the damages; and

Whereas, since Mr. Nixon refused to properly deploy the National Guardsmen, who were ordered to remain at the armory, brave fire fighters were shot at in the course of performing their duty, facing life-threatening attacks by agitators; and

Whereas, in failing to take responsibility for his recurrent poor decision-making throughout the catastrophe in Ferguson and elsewhere, Mr. Nixon has demonstrated his inherent disregard for the responsibilities associated with, and his lack of fitness for, the lofty position he unfortunately holds:

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the members of the Missouri Senate, Ninety-eighth General Assembly, First Regular Session, hereby remonstrate against Governor Nixon for his failed and incompetent leadership; and Be It Further Resolved that for the reasons expressed above and many others, the Missouri Senate hereby strongly recommends that Mr. Nixon resign his position immediately; and

Be It Further Resolved that if Mr. Nixon fails to resign, the Missouri House of Representatives should strongly consider impeaching the Governor for willful neglect of duty and incompetence, as the great state of Missouri cannot afford to bear the costs of his failed leadership…

So, here’s the question: after all the outrage they’ve shown over the past few months, does the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus have the courage to impeach, or, will it be like so many other issues where the party and agenda take precedent over the people they allegedly represent?

Will now Rep. Brandon Ellington, the chairman, enter articles of impeachment for “willful negligence,” as his colleague Chappelle-Nadal suggests, or will he just focus on abolishing grand juries and getting body cameras?

How about Rep. Courtney Curtis, who has no hesitation making appearances on Twitter, brandishing the Ferguson hashtag like a backstage pass, as if it’s a way to legitimize his support for the protesters and the people affected by the riots.

Does he mean it all, or is it a front? Will he be the one that files articles of impeachment?

Will any of the members answer the call sent out by one of their own, or are they all talk, just another liberal pretending to care about the people when it’s really just all about the party?

My money’s on the latter. What about you?

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The Show-Me Report: January 26, 2015

Kansas City Business News: Are tax notifications fair, or just loopholes?

The Bennington Banner: ACLU says Missouri town to stop ticketing headlight flashers

A Traditional Life Lived: What do we Want? WEED! When do we want it? NOW!

Ozark Area Network: Questions still surround future of Arkansas Medicaid plan

St. Joseph Post: Blunt Co-Sponsors Effort To Repeal ObamaCare Individual Mandate

Fox 2: Post Scripts: Darren Wilson and Gov. Nixon’s State of the State Address

Post-Dispatch: Pro-police rally in Clayton draws supporters, protesters

The Rolla Daily News: Judge rejects request for new Ferguson grand jury

Post-Dispatch: After Ferguson, police consider ‘tactical retreat’ instead of force in certain cases

Fox 2: McCulloch to discuss Ferguson, policing at SLU law forum

KPLR: Learn more about School Choice

The Turner Report: Billy Long: We can’t let Obama turn a blind eye on our broken borders

Post-Dispatch: Nicklaus: Kroenke loves real estate, and that’s the one thing St. Louis isn’t offering

News-Tribune: Mo. lawmakers propose civics test as high school graduation requirement

News-Tribune: Kehoe, Miller push back against EPA water regulation proposals

The Rolla Daily News: McCaskill to be top Democrat on Senate investigatory panel

The Rolla Daily News: Missouri Senate confirms appointment of public safety director

The Rolla Daily News: Missouri Chief Justice calls for review of municipal courts

The Daily Caller: Doctor Dad SLAPS DOWN Busybody Teacher Over Daughter’s Sack Lunch

Fox 2: NTSB cites fatigue in southeast Missouri train crash

St. Joseph Post: Special prosecutor looking at drowning of handcuffed Mo. suspect

Institute for Quality Communities: Incredible images of urban change (St. Louis is third from the top)

News-tribune: Nixon’s budget plan faces challenges in state legislature

West Central MO Info: View From the Capitol Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s Newsletter for the Week

St. Joseph Post: Business groups want a review of entire Mo. tax code

The Eagle: Lobbyists pay for legislative hearing at country club

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The TorchCast #4: Rep. Paul Curtman Discusses His Bill HB 206 (Video)

I have yet to receive as much feedback about a TorchCast before it aired as I have with this one. I’ve embedded HB 206 below and encourage you to read it and then if you have questions, reach out to Rep. Curtman’s office for answers by calling 573-751-3776 or emailing his office at

And of course you can leave comments below.

Editor’s Note: For clarification, HB 206 does not in any way apply to any transportation projects. That was my misunderstanding.


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Speaker Tim Jones Discusses Gov. Jay Nixon’s Email Pulling National Guard Out Of Ferguson, State of the State (Video)

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The Show-Me Report: January 22, 2015

Fox 2: NYT: Justice Dept. moving to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights charges

Fox 2: 3 reasons Ferguson decision not a surprise; 3 options left to Brown family

KPLR: Nearly 200 pictures of Ferguson looters released

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Post-Dispatch: Nixon calls for municipal court reform, other Ferguson-related fixes in State of the State address

The Rolla Daily News: Text of Missouri GOP response to State of State address

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ABC 17: APNewsBreak: Nixon seeks $50M increase in basic school aid

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KRCU: Nixon Focuses On Legacy From Ferguson As He Outlines Priorities

ABC 17: Missouri governor recommends no pay increase for employees

Kansas City Star: Photo gallery: Gov. Jay Nixon gives State of the State speech

Missourinet: Missouri Speaker’s ‘real’ response to Nixon’s State of the State (VIDEO)

The Eagle: Diehl: Nixon needs better specifics, math

The Eagle: Nixon pushes public education increase

Missourinet: Amendment 10 changes how Nixon proposes spending

Missourinet: #MoSOTS: Nixon revisits familiar themes, calls for bipartisanship (AUDIO)

News-Tribune: Nixon’s budget: No pay hike, more job cuts

St. Joseph Post: Mo. Budget director announces Governor’s new budget proposal

Missouri Business Alert: Missouri lawmakers sound off on State of the Union

The Turner Report: Billy Long responds to State of the Union

The Turner Report: Hartzler response to State of the Union

Rep. Jason Smith: Congressman Jason Smith Responds to State of the Union Address

Post-Dispatch: Missouri Democrat chides Obama over college savings

The Missouri Times: PRESS RELEASE: Senator Schmitt Works to Make Traffic Fines Fairer

The Missouri Times: Senate hears bills aimed at Macks Creek Law reform


The Missourian: STEVE SPELLMAN: How the city’s pattern of giving, then taking away, frustrates voters

St. Joseph Post: State of the Judiciary Speech Thursday morning (listen here)

PoliticMO: Local government groups form the ‘Missouri Local Leaders Project’

St. Joseph Post: Graves: Obama plans to ignore the will of the people

Show-Me Daily: A Bad Idea That Sounds So Good

St. Joseph Post: Mo. Senate panel confirms official chosen after Ferguson shooting

St. Joseph Post: Sen. Blunt files bill to block “executive over-reach”

News-Tribune: Missouri unemployment dips again; 44,700 jobs gained in 2014

KBIA: Hospitals’ Medicare Quality Bonuses Get Wiped Out By Penalties

The Eagle: Blunt: Obama is out of sync

The Eagle: Columbia council talks plastic bag ban

Connect tri-States: MoDOT says heavier truck cargo could hurt roads

St. Joseph Post: Grain Belt Express lining up customers

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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Says Republicans Should Repent for Their Attacks on Obama

The deification continues…


Click to watch the video at The Right Scoop.


“My hope is that they will come out tomorrow and repent,” Cleaver said when Sharpton asked if Republicans have a credibility problem. “They can’t help themselves. They need to repent, because, you know, they tried to label the auto industry rescue a giveaway. $80 billion, rescued the automobile industry. We were supposed to be the world’s leaders in automobiles, and we are, and now they’re healthy again, and they paid back the money.”

“We can go down the line, issue, after issue, after issue, what the president said would happen has happened,” he added. “And when things like that happen, I have to say it again, it’s time to repent.”

I repent for my sins.

Speaking out against this president’s agenda is no sin.

The sin would be to say nothing.

The greater sin would be to attempt to implement his agenda under the guise of it being “the conservative solution.”

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