The Show-Me Report: August 21, 2014

KMOX: ‘Time To Kill A Cop’: Ferguson Protesters Throw Urine, Bottles At Police

Twitchy: Captain Ron Johnson: Some cops were ashamed that looting occurred while police stood by

Post-Dispatch: McCulloch: Grand jury to consider Ferguson case through mid-October

KPLR: St. Louis County Grand jury could take weeks to review Mike Brown evidence

The Missouri Times: Press Release: Statement from Gov. Nixon regarding St. Louis County Prosecutor

The Rolla Daily News: Governor won’t seek removal of county prosecutor

Bretibart: Spike Lee Hopes ‘Things Will Really Blow Up’ if Ferguson Officer Is Acquitted

St. Joseph Post: Sharpton to address Mike Brown’s St. Louis funeral

Kansas City Star: Media now part of the problem in Ferguson

Breitbart: Missouri GOP executive director Matt Wills calls efforts to register voters in Ferguson disgusting

Post-Dispatch: How a grand jury works in St. Louis County

The Missouri Times: Press Release: Department of Justice should expand Ferguson investigation

KPLR: Mugshots of people charged with looting in Ferguson released

KPLR: ‘Ferguson Proud’ organizers making a difference in their community

Fox 2: Police have ‘a power trip problem,’ Ferguson residents say

Hennessy’s View: It’s Hard to Deny North County Has Problems with Police and Courts

Popehat: How Mike Brown’s Alleged Robbery Of A Liquor Store Matters, And How It Doesn’t

KMOV: For nearby resident, Ferguson protests a burden on everyday life

The Missouri Times: Ferguson: Holder visits, GOP divided on voter registration, Nixon defends McCulloch

Fox 2: Prosecutor in Michael Brown case to governor: ‘man up’ if you want me out

KMOV: What charges could Darren Wilson face?

Lee’s Summit Conservative: Cleaver’s Wages Garnished by Jackson County Court

Southeast Missourian: Area lawmaker leads collection drive for Ferguson officers

Fox 2: More transfer students to be allowed to attend Francis Howell

Ozark Area Network: Of 51 Recent Arrests in Ferguson, 1 is a Resident

Post-Dispatch: After 12 days of unrest in Ferguson, the stress is taking a toll

Ozark Area Network: Rep. Rhoads to Speak at Campaign for Liberty Group Meeting

The Missourian: MU students recount their arrests in Ferguson

Fox 2: Support grows for officer who shot Ferguson teen Michael Brown

The Washington Times: On day of national protest, evidence suggest Ferguson cop beaten badly before shooting

KMOV: When will the protests in Ferguson end?

Missouri Business Alert: Study: 1.2 million Missourians receiving food aid

Post-Dispatch: Joe Brazil is new St. Charles County GOP chairman

Post-Dispatch: Missouri regulators deny Noranda rate request

Show-Me Daily: Normandy Transfer: An Evolving Story

The Eagle: Embezzlement by public officials is priority for Schweich

St. Joseph Post: Audit criticizes Missouri’s school reform deal

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State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed Threatens Prosecutor: Indict Wilson Or Else (Video)

Yet another video from The Kelly Files, this one detailing a comment made by Lil  Neicey aka State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, who is upset that St. Louis County prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch is handling the case.  Nasheed says he can’t be objective because his father was killed by a black man.

Nasheed had the following message for McCulloch – indict Wilson or else:

Now maybe it’s me, but that sounds like a threat.  And it wouldn’t be the first time Nasheed threatened an elected official:

“Tensions came to a head on the bill when Senate sponsor Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, confronted Democrats on the floor. Rep. Keith English, D-Florissant, yelled at Nasheed on the floor to ‘stop threatening people,’ before Nasheed was removed from the chamber as the two came close to a physical confrontation,” Collin Reischman reported for The Missouri Times.

“She was telling [Representative Michael] Butler that if he didn’t ‘vote her way, he wouldn’t be coming back,’ English told The Missouri Times.

At least she didn’t threaten to stab anyone…again.

For the record, the decision is out of McCulloch’s hands, and in the hands of the grand jury.

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Lt. Gov. Kinder Blasts Gov. Nixon For Prejudging Officer Darren Wilson (Video)

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder describes some troubling things aside from Gov. Nixon’s irresponsible prejudgement of Officer Darren Wilson.

For example, he said Gov. Nixon hasn’t returned any form of communication, be it certified mail, email or phone call, in the five and a half years since he and Kinder took office.

And worse, he said Nixon has yet to speak with the mayor of Ferguson.

Imagine that.  After all of the comments he’s made, he has yet to speak with the mayor of the city that’s become a war zone in his state.

Disgusting display of inept leadership.

Here’s the interview:

Featured Image Photo Credit:  FiredUp Missouri/Flickr
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Megyn Kelly Hammers Gov. Jay Nixon for Calling for “Vigorous Prosecution” of Officer Darren Wilson (Video)

She and her guests make some excellent points, many of which will fall on deaf ears:

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The Show-Me Report: August 20, 2014

KMOV: Mood in Ferguson relatively calm Tuesday compared to other nights

20 Pounds of Headlines: US AG Holder Holder To Ferguson Today after a Another Tense Night

St. Joseph Post: Latest Ferguson protests are smaller, more subdued

KSHB: Johnson: Turning point made in Ferguson protests

Fox 2: Vandals spray paint city police car overnight: Words read ‘Victory’ and ‘Revolt’

Ozark Area Network: Tensions Ease in Ferguson, 47 Arrested in Protests

The Dana Show: Officer In Ferguson: Residents Are Great, Outsiders Causing Problems

Post-Dispatch: St. Louis area residents make up bulk of Ferguson arrests

Fox 2: Grand Jury set to hear Michael Brown case; protest planned Wednesday

The Eagle: Key Ferguson shooting witness has local warrant

Newsbusters: At least 7 AP reporters violated their own stylebook in describing 18 year-old Michael Brown as just a “Teen”

Fox 2: New video evidence may offer a different account of Mike Brown’s death

Fox 2: Mayor Slay and Chief Sam Dotson address police shooting in North St. Louis

KMOV: ‘It’s a bad situation’; cops working long, tough hours as Ferguson protests rage on

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson arrests include at least 10 journalists

Fox 4: Shawn Parcells’ credentials, role in Michael Brown autopsy questioned by doctors

Fox 2: 93% of those arrested Monday were not from Ferguson

Reddit: Interactive/Live Map of Ferguson Protests

PoliticMo: Amid criticism, Nixon stands by St. Louis County prosecutor

News-Tribune: Governor won’t seek removal of county prosecutor

Missourinet: Sen. McCaskill defends St. Louis Co. prosecutor, says he will be fair on Michael Brown case

KPLR: Captain Johnson trying to bridge the gap with protesters

KMOV: Ferguson Mayor addresses residents concerns over police force

Big Government: Most Black Ferguson Residents Complaining of ‘White Power Structure’ Didn’t Vote

National Review: Fund: Sending Eric Holder ‘Shows Solidarity’ with Ferguson Protesters

Fox 2: Attorney Genral Holder writes open letter to Ferguson

Big Government: Eric Holder: Michael Brown Death Cause for ‘Robust Action’ to Increase Police Diversity

Hennessy’s View: It’s Hard to Deny North County Has Problems with Police and Courts

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson unrest is taking its toll on education

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson mayor pledges to recruit black officers as city breaks silence

Post-Dispatch: McClellan: It’s a battle of words in Ferguson

The Eagle: Official: Boone Co. Fairgrounds will close Jan. 1st

News-Tribune: Judge rejects appeals of Mamtek CEO

Southeast Missourian: Jason Smith touts agricultural industry during farm tour

Southeast Missourian: Pachyderms to host county administrator

Southeast Missourian: Cape County GOP Central Committee elects officers

Southeast Missourian: Blunt staff to set up Jackson mobile office

Post-Dispatch: Audit says Missouri education department contract with CEE-Trust failed the independence test

The Rolla Daily News: Missouri Democratic group to pay $10K ethics fine

Lee’s Summit Journal: Missouri General Assembly Joint Committee on Education visits Missouri Innovation Campus

KBIA: Judge: former Mamtek CEO owes $1.3 million

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FWIW: 100.7 The Viper is Reporting Dorian Johnson Will Change His Testimony, Say Michael Brown Attacked Cop

For what it’s worth:

Seems like something you wouldn’t put out unless it was legit. I mean, this will not go over well if it’s a joke or a scam.

What do you think?

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Gov. Jay Nixon’s Statement on #Ferguson (Video)

“Ten days ago, a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, in broad daylight. Since then, the world has watched a community become engulfed in grief, anger, fear and at times violence.

For a family mourning the loss of a son, it has been a profound personal tragedy. For Ferguson and our entire nation, it has ripped open old wounds that have festered for generations, and exposed difficult issues that communities across our country must still resolve.

But amid all the pain and distrust and anger, we’ve also seen tremendous acts of grace, courage, and kindness as the people of Ferguson try to maintain peace, while they call for justice for the family of Michael Brown. In Ferguson, people of all races and creeds are joining hands to pray for justice. Teenagers cooking meals for law enforcement officers. Community leaders demonstrating courage and heroism throughout the night in standing against armed and violent instigators. Volunteers coming out to pick up littered neighborhoods.

They are the faces of Ferguson. They are the faces of this region. They are the faces and soul of Missouri.

For them, for the family of Michael Brown, for all the parents who have had their sons taken from them much too soon, and for all the children dreaming of a brighter and better future, we now have a responsibility to come together and do everything we can to achieve justice for this family, peace for this community, and have the courage to address the problems that have divided us for too long. Real problems of poverty, education inequality, and race.

So how do we do that?

First, we must protect the people of Ferguson.

The officers of the Missouri Highway Patrol, St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and other jurisdictions are united in working valiantly to protect the public, while at the same time preserving citizens’ rights to express their anger peacefully.

As we’ve seen over the past week, it is not an easy balance to strike. And it becomes much more difficult in the dark of night, when organized and increasingly violent instigators take to the streets intent on creating chaos and lawlessness.

But we will not be defeated by bricks and guns and Molotov cocktails. With the help of peaceful demonstrators, pastors and community leaders, Captain Johnson and law enforcement will not give up trying to ensure that those with peace in their hearts are not drowned out by those with senseless violence in their hands.

Second, a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.

The democratically elected St. Louis County prosecutor and the Attorney General of the United States, each have a job to do. Their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly, and correctly; and I call upon them to meet those expectations.

Finally, once we have achieved peace in Ferguson and justice for the family of Michael Brown, we must remain committed to rebuilding the trust that has been lost, mending what has been broken, and healing the wounds we have endured.

This is hard. Nothing about this is simple. We won’t always get it right, but we’re going to keep trying. Because Ferguson is a test, a test not just for the people of this community, but for all Americans. And it is a test we must not fail.

Last week I met with and prayed with the mother of Michael Brown. She has lost a son who she can never bring back. But what we can do is work together to ensure that Michael Brown’s death is not remembered as the tragedy that sparked a cycle of violence and distrust, but rather marks the beginning of a process of healing and reconciliation.

So I ask that we continue to stand together as we work to achieve justice for Michael Brown, restore hope and peace to the streets of Ferguson, and march together toward a future of greater opportunity and understanding for all of us.”

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Man At Center of Michael Brown’s Autopsy Has Dubious Past and Sketchy Credentials

Shawn Parcells was center stage at the press conference discussing the autopsy of Michael Brown.

Professor Shawn Parcells is a forensic pathologist assistant and medical investigator from Kansas City. He explained to the world how 18 year old Michael Brown died.

Parcells was hired by the Brown family’s attorneys. But, he says he motivated by a quest for the truth for loved ones who have been left with only the revolting image of a bullet-riddled body left lying in the street.

“The Brown family has been left out in the dark.  At the end of the day, they’ve been left out in the dark.” said Shawn Parcells.

He says that officer shot Brown from a distance beyond, “close range” or 1-2 feet; the bullets striking brown from the front.

“If you put your hands up like this your trying to block yourself, it could come from the front.  You put your hands up like this it could also come from the front.” said Shawn Parcells.

 But it wasn’t that long ago he was the focus of a lengthy expose in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The May 2013 article stated that according to coroners and medical examiners in Missouri, Parcells “has inflated his qualifications and performed autopsies without a medical license.”  That worried some coroners, who felt Parcells’ could “jeopardize criminal cases, potentially allowing a murderer to go free.”

Last month, John Beger, the prosecutor in Phelps County, asked to delay a murder case, just two weeks before it was set for trial, because of questions about blood work handled by Parcells’ company for a toxicology report in a drug death.

Beger filed the motion after Dr. Edward Friedlander was deposed on April 8. Friedlander is one of the pathologists who formerly worked for Parcells; the doctor’s name was signed on a report listing the cause of death in the case as a heroin overdose.

Friedlander, however, “testified that he had not signed the report, that it was not his signature on the report, that he had not been consulted concerning the death,” the document said. It added that he “had not authorized anyone else to put his signature on the report and that he had no knowledge of the case.”

The case was continued and is now set for a five-day trial beginning June 24.

Neither Friedlander nor Beger would comment. Parcells said he had no knowledge of what Friedlander said because he was not at the deposition.

Similar questions have surfaced in a domestic assault case in Andrew County, in northwestern Missouri. Police say they are looking into an autopsy performed in August 2012.

According to the autopsy report, Dr. George Vandermark was the forensic pathologist on the case. But the report lists Friedlander as the pathologist who reviewed and signed the paperwork.

Grant Gillett, a detective with the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department, said that he was present at the autopsy and that neither Vandermark nor Friedlander had been there. He said Parcells and a female assistant were the only ones present.

Parcells said he had no idea how Friedlander’s name got on the document.

“In fact, he wasn’t even working for our group then,” he said. “I am not sure how that report got his name on it, unless someone changed the name on it.”

Parcells said that even though Vandermark was not at the autopsy, he did review photos, tissues and other tests. He added that the report was incomplete.

Regarding the allegations of doing autopsies without a license, Noah Mays, the former coroner of Gentry County, said he actually witness Parcells do an autopsy by himself:

last summer, Mays said, he and a sheriff’s deputy traveled to Topeka, with a corpse, an apparent suicide. Parcells had agreed to handle the autopsy, he said. They met Parcells at a facility he owns behind a funeral home, in the basement of an old carriage house.

Every other time Mays had attended an autopsy by Parcells’ company, a pathologist had been present. But not this time. Parcells was doing the work by himself, Mays said.

“We asked him multiple times ‘Is this cool? Is this kosher? What’s going on? Is this legal?’ and he says, ‘Oh yeah, I do it all the time; it’s fine.’ ”

The lingering controversy surrounding Parcells was a frequent topic of discussion at the Missouri coroners’ annual fall meeting last year and at the recent spring meeting, Mays and other coroners said.

“People were saying pretty much that he was just cutting them open, signing the paper, and the rest is your problem,” said Mays.

Oh, and about those inflated credentials:

…a few months ago, his LinkedIn profile stated he had been a graduate student at the University of Florida for two years, but he acknowledges that he never attended a class there.

Currently, he lists New York Chiropractic College under his education, but he just finished his first trimester as an online student. He also lists himself as a professor at Wichita State University, but Jean Brickell, chair of medical technology there, said Parcells only assisted at a clinical site one time.

Parcells said he was not trying to misrepresent his education.



And from his LinkedIn profile, still:



Shawn L. Parcells, BS, FPA is a Forensic Pathologist Assistant, Medical Investigator, Medical Anatomist and Physiologist, Forensic Radiology Consultant, and Professor

What exactly is a “Forensic Pathologist Assistant?”

Parcells uses the professional initials “FPA,” which he says stands for Forensic Pathologist Assistant, a designation he invented. “I’m trying to get that designation out there for pathologists’ assistants to be able to use,” he said.

Sarah Patterson, spokeswoman for the American Society for Clinical Pathology, says she has never heard of the FPA designation.

Patterson said a certification exists for a pathologists’ assistant — after completion of a master’s degree — but she said Parcells was not a member of their group, nor has he ever taken any classes through them.

From a recent article from Fox 4:

Dr. Mitchell takes issue with Parcells’ title.

“You cannot claim the title, because it is a formal, licensable position. You can assist somebody; in this way I can say, for instance, I have paid my taxes, so I am an assistant President of the United States,” Dr. Mitchell said.

Parcells admits he has no certification as a pathology assistant, but says his qualification comes from experience.

Ah, experience.  He’s done a ton of work on autopsies, so we can trust him, right?

 Dr. Gregory Schmunk, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, say Parcells has no standing as an expert.

“Mr. Parcells can get all the on-the-job training that he wants, but until he is properly certified, there is no way that he should be allowed to testify in any court in this land,” he said. “We cannot be sending people to prison for any period of time based upon the testimony of someone who has had on-the-job training.”


After all that, it seems the credibility of the autopsy comes from “Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy.”  Is it safe to assume he performed the autopsy with Parcells’ assistance, or is this another situation where Parcells did it by himself?

Given what the Post-Dispatch printed in 2013, those are two good questions.


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Lt. Gov. Kinder: “The People of Ferguson and the People of State of Missouri are Crying Out for Leadership” (Video)


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Officer Darren Wilson Reportedly Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to the Eye Socket”

Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Officer Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, suffered an orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket:

Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

Here’s what that kind of looks like:


Photo credit: NJ-Cosmetic

It was previously reported that Officer Wilson suffered an injury during the altercation:

Police Chief Thomas Jackson told a news conference the unidentified officer was treated at a hospital for swelling on the side of his face, one of the few details released about events surrounding the Saturday night shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

If Brown hit Wilson hard enough to break his face, and then tried to take his gun, and then turned back after fleeing and started charging him, like Wilson and reportedly more than a dozen witnesses said, does that justify the use of force in your mind?

Tell me in the comments, because I’d tend to lean towards Wilson being in fear for his life.

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