Speaker Tim Jones Discusses Gov. Jay Nixon’s Email Pulling National Guard Out Of Ferguson, State of the State (Video)

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The Show-Me Report: January 22, 2015

Fox 2: NYT: Justice Dept. moving to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights charges

Fox 2: 3 reasons Ferguson decision not a surprise; 3 options left to Brown family

KPLR: Nearly 200 pictures of Ferguson looters released

The Turner Report: Text provided for Gov. Nixon’s State of the State Address

PoliticMO: In state of the state address, Nixon calls for municipal court reform, changes to use-of-force law following Ferguson

20 Pounds of Headlines: Nixon’s SOTS: A call for “Healing & Hope”

PoliticMO: Missouri governor proposes modest spending increases for 2016, citing Amendment 10

Post-Dispatch: Nixon calls for municipal court reform, other Ferguson-related fixes in State of the State address

The Rolla Daily News: Text of Missouri GOP response to State of State address

The Missouri Times: PRESS RELEASE: Hanaway Statement on Governor Nixon’s State of State Address

ABC 17: APNewsBreak: Nixon seeks $50M increase in basic school aid

The Missourian: Gov. Jay Nixon grapples with GOP majority in annual address

KRCU: Nixon Focuses On Legacy From Ferguson As He Outlines Priorities

ABC 17: Missouri governor recommends no pay increase for employees

Kansas City Star: Photo gallery: Gov. Jay Nixon gives State of the State speech

Missourinet: Missouri Speaker’s ‘real’ response to Nixon’s State of the State (VIDEO)

The Eagle: Diehl: Nixon needs better specifics, math

The Eagle: Nixon pushes public education increase

Missourinet: Amendment 10 changes how Nixon proposes spending

Missourinet: #MoSOTS: Nixon revisits familiar themes, calls for bipartisanship (AUDIO)

News-Tribune: Nixon’s budget: No pay hike, more job cuts

St. Joseph Post: Mo. Budget director announces Governor’s new budget proposal

Missouri Business Alert: Missouri lawmakers sound off on State of the Union

The Turner Report: Billy Long responds to State of the Union

The Turner Report: Hartzler response to State of the Union

Rep. Jason Smith: Congressman Jason Smith Responds to State of the Union Address

Post-Dispatch: Missouri Democrat chides Obama over college savings

The Missouri Times: PRESS RELEASE: Senator Schmitt Works to Make Traffic Fines Fairer

The Missouri Times: Senate hears bills aimed at Macks Creek Law reform


The Missourian: STEVE SPELLMAN: How the city’s pattern of giving, then taking away, frustrates voters

St. Joseph Post: State of the Judiciary Speech Thursday morning (listen here)

PoliticMO: Local government groups form the ‘Missouri Local Leaders Project’

St. Joseph Post: Graves: Obama plans to ignore the will of the people

Show-Me Daily: A Bad Idea That Sounds So Good

St. Joseph Post: Mo. Senate panel confirms official chosen after Ferguson shooting

St. Joseph Post: Sen. Blunt files bill to block “executive over-reach”

News-Tribune: Missouri unemployment dips again; 44,700 jobs gained in 2014

KBIA: Hospitals’ Medicare Quality Bonuses Get Wiped Out By Penalties

The Eagle: Blunt: Obama is out of sync

The Eagle: Columbia council talks plastic bag ban

Connect tri-States: MoDOT says heavier truck cargo could hurt roads

St. Joseph Post: Grain Belt Express lining up customers

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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Says Republicans Should Repent for Their Attacks on Obama

The deification continues…


Click to watch the video at The Right Scoop.


“My hope is that they will come out tomorrow and repent,” Cleaver said when Sharpton asked if Republicans have a credibility problem. “They can’t help themselves. They need to repent, because, you know, they tried to label the auto industry rescue a giveaway. $80 billion, rescued the automobile industry. We were supposed to be the world’s leaders in automobiles, and we are, and now they’re healthy again, and they paid back the money.”

“We can go down the line, issue, after issue, after issue, what the president said would happen has happened,” he added. “And when things like that happen, I have to say it again, it’s time to repent.”

I repent for my sins.

Speaking out against this president’s agenda is no sin.

The sin would be to say nothing.

The greater sin would be to attempt to implement his agenda under the guise of it being “the conservative solution.”

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The Show-Me Report: January 21, 2015

PoliticMO: Missouri Republican operatives launch ‘Missouri Century Foundation’

PoliticMO: As Missouri lawmakers ready to draft new budget, concerns raised about state’s revenue

Connect Mid-Missouri: Missouri House votes to forego pay increases

Missouri Secretary of State: Kander Announces Initiative Petition Amending Chapter 195 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri is Open for Public Comment

KSHB: MO Sen. Schaaf pushes to ban red light cameras

Ozark Area Network: Missouri lawmakers called on to release restricted funding

Ozark Area Network: Missouri lawmaker proposes Medicaid expansion for veterans

The Eagle: Missouri lawmaker proposes restricting welfare benefits

Kansas City Star: Proposal seeks to close Missouri schools on election days

Post-Dispatch: Council rejects health subsidiary and St. Louis County rift widens

Post-Dispatch: Ferguson Commission hears ideas for education fixes

KMOV: Few candidates file for Ferguson election despite protests

KMOV: Judge rejects request for new Ferguson grand jury

Dexter Daily Statesman: New Mo. House committee structure aims to strengthen bill-drafting process

Post-Dispatch: Jay Nixon’s budget decisions attacked on eve of State of the State

St. Joseph Post: Nixon to propose increase in Mo. education funding

Missourinet: 5 things to listen for in Missouri’s 2015 State of the State

St. Joseph Post: Senator Blunt Responds to the President’s State of the Union Address (VIDEO)

Missourinet: Missouri Congressional delegation responds to State of the Union

Missourinet: Missouri lawmakers push for civics test requirement for graduation

Ozark Area Network: Rep. Cookson to file bill for “Billy Yates Highway”

KMOV: EPA: No air quality problems at Bridgeton landfill

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On MLK Day, Soros Backed Missouri Group Warns “House Negroes” Their Days are Numbered

One of the radical groups organizing and agitating in Missouri issued a warning to “house negroes” yesterday.

Your days are numbered:

For those who don’t recognize the owner of the tweet, it’s the Organization for Black Struggle, or OBS. These guys are full on Marxists, advocating moving past capitalism as one of their goals.

Because everyone’s equal under socialism, or something.

This is one of the groups George Soros started throwing money at. $33 million was funneled towards leftist groups in Missouri.

For decades, leftist revolutionary types have believed a race war would be the best method of implementing their agenda. That’s why you see folks like this, and others I’ve pointed out, trying to capitalize on the death of Mike Brown.

This isn’t about justice for them. It’s about not letting an opportunity go to waste.

Hat Tip: Daily Caller

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Sen. Eric Schmitt Discusses Gov. Jay Nixon This Year’s Legislative Session on “The Allman Report” (Video)

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The Show-Me Report: January 20, 2014

Missouri Business Alert: Sinquefield donations continue to climb in support of favored causes

Kansas City Star: Rex Sinquefield donation count to Missouri candidates and causes has reached $37 million

The Missouri Times: Farmington Republicans speak out against remediation attempts

The Rolla Daily News: Hearings stall for public safety director chosen after Ferguson shooting

Richmond Daily News: McGaugh gets nod as top legislator by Missouri Cattlemen Assoc.

The Turner Report: Graves: If Obama is serious about reforming immigration, he should enforce the laws

Lee’s Summit Tribune: Congressman Cleaver Pushes Funding to Help Missouri’s Families Afford Heating Bills During Arctic Blast

Southeast Missourian: New Mo. House committee structure aims to strengthen bill-drafting process

Connect Mid-Missouri: Police protesters disrupt St. Louis MLK event

The Daily Caller: Soros-Backed Group Warns ‘House Negroes’ On MLK Day

Post-Dispatch: Lowering cap on municipal ticket revenue to get airing

The Eagle: “Fair Tax” supported by local lawmaker

ABC 17: Mo. senator seeks ban of red-light cameras, plate scanners

Ozark Area Network: Hearings Stall for Official Chosen After Ferguson Shooting

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MO Budget Project’s Medicaid “Study” Poor Example of Economics, Great Example of Propaganda

The far left Missouri Budget Project is touting a new “study,” showing that if Missouri expands Medicaid, well, it will just start raining money here:

In 2015 and 2016, the cost to expand Medicaid will be paid in full by federal income taxes. Officials with the Missouri Budget Project say that Medicaid expansion would be beneficial to increase revenue in the state.

“Expansion of Medicaid would save the state $80 million in current costs in the next year, and that increases to about $100 million per year. Ten years from now we will still be reaping $100 million in savings per year,” said Missouri Budget Project Executive Director Amy Blouin.


Now, first off, if ten years from now we’re still reaping $100 million in savings, isn’t that saying the program will stay constant, never improving, never getting more efficient or inefficient, never changing?

That’s really what the people at Missouri Budget Project think?


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s dissect their premise.

Meet Group A.

Group A is made up of people who are already getting coverage through MOHealthNet. Some are blind Missourians, who are covered with state only loot. Some are prisoners, also covered solely by the state. The rest of Group A is made up of people already covered by Medicaid, but the Federal government only provides 63 percent of the funding. The rest comes from Missouri taxpayers.

Here’s where the magic happens. If we expand Medicaid – *poof* – Group A is now funded by the federal government at 100 percent for a year, and then 90 percent after that.

That’s where the Missouri Budget Project gets their $100 million savings from.

There’s a few problems with that, starting with the comment made above by Amy Blouin. She said:

“Ten years from now we will still be reaping $100 million in savings per year.”

This assumes that ten years from now, the federal government will still be paying 90 percent of the share. That’s completely asinine, considering President Obama has already tried to lower it once:

During the “supercommittee” deficit-reduction talks last year, President Obama proposed reducing federal funding for the Medicaid expansion by $100 billion over ten years, with states picking up the difference. No wonder governors from both parties are thinking twice about the program.

“It’s not free,” says Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R.). “You’re still paying it…they’re only going to cover [all of the Medicaid expansion] in the first three years. Then Florida taxpayers are going to be on the hook…Eventually we’ll be on the hook for 50, 45 percent of it…”

So the idea that ten years from now, the federal government will still be paying 90 percent is incredibly disingenuous.

And that doesn’t even cover the two more common mistakes bad economists make. First, they don’t examine the secondary or tertiary consequences for a policy and secondly, they don’t examine the consequences for anyone except Missouri.

For example, let’s assume they are correct and Missouri stands to make $100 million from expansion. What might be a secondary consequence of expanding Medicaid?

Less access to care as fewer doctors are taking new Mediciad patients, or refusing to see them at all:

…finding a doctor who accepts Medicaid payments – never all that easy to do even before 2013 – is getting harder than ever thanks to a steep drop in reimbursement rates for doctors who treat patients on Medicaid.

When I say “steep,” I mean it. We’re talking an average of 43 percent nationwide and almost 60 percent in California. Incidentally, California has added 2.7 million more people to Medicaid since 2013.

The result is simple: more and more doctors are simply not accepting Medicaid patients and/or dropping the ones they already have.

So, Missouri expands Medicaid, adding 300,000 more people to the roles, but doctors aren’t taking them as patients. Plus, they are getting rid of the ones they see now.

What good is a health care system if there is no access to a doctor?

What good is saving $100 million if no one care get the treatment promised by the expansion?

That’s just one secondary consequence the Missouri Budget Project ignored.

Let’s discuss consequences for groups outside of the study’s focus. For example, our children.

Right now, America has an $18 trillion debt. That will fall on our children, our children’s children and our great grandchildren.

Now consider this:


Medicaid is the fastest-growing entitlement program and will grow by 87 percent over the decade, in no small part due to Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Medicaid needs reform, not expansion. This program provides health care to more than 60 million Americans and consumes a growing portion of state and federal budgets.

Forty-four percent of the projected growth in major entitlement spending over the next decade is due to Obamacare’s subsidies and Medicaid expansion. Rising health care costs are projected to drive 13 percent of the increase; 43 percent of the spending growth in Social Security and the major health care programs will be due to population aging.

Tell me again how fantastic that $100 million dollars a year will be again.

I think it’s clear to say the “study” by the Missouri Budget Project is a poor example of economics, but a fantastic example of leftist propaganda. Even if their estimates were correct, which they likely aren’t, there are still negative consequences for Medicaid expansion which outweigh the benefits.

Medicaid expansion is not the answer. Expansion of government rarely is.

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PRESS RELEASE: Missouri Alliance for Freedom and Americans for Tax Reform Join Forces

Jefferson City, MO – Americans for Tax Reform is pleased to be working with the Missouri Alliance for Freedom to ensure that taxpayers have a strong voice in Jefferson City. The Missouri Alliance for Freedom is a great ally in the fight to rein in out-of-control spending and for lower taxes.

Together, we will continue to push lawmakers and candidates for office to put the promise of not raising taxes in writing via the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and hold lawmakers to that promise. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge will be a component of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom’s legislator score card.

Americans for Tax Reform president, Grover Norquist said, “The Missouri Alliance for Freedom is a strong voice for Missouri taxpayers, one standing up against the spending interests in Jefferson City. Americans for Tax Reform is pleased to be working with Ryan Johnson and the Missouri Alliance for Freedom in an effort to amplify the voice of taxpayers across Missouri.”

The Missouri Alliance for Freedom is excited to join in a strategic partnership with Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in order to hold Missouri public officials accountable. Under Grover Norquist’s leadership Americans for Tax Reform has worked to restrain out-of-control government spending at all levels.

“It is exciting to be working with Grover Norquist and his team at Americans for Tax Reform. ATR’s national renown goes back to Ronald Reagan’s Presidency. Their involvement will strengthen our efforts to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire in order to protect Missouri’s taxpayers” said Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom.

ATR was founded in 1985 by Grover Norquist at the request of President Reagan. The flagship project of Americans for Tax Reform is the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written promise by legislators and candidates for office that commits them to oppose any effort to increase income taxes on individuals and businesses. Since ATR first sponsored the Pledge in 1986, hundreds of U.S. Representatives, more than fifty U.S. Senators and every successful Republican Presidential candidate have all signed the Pledge. In the 113th Congress, 219 U.S. Representatives and 41 U.S. Senators have taken the Pledge never to raise income taxes.

Missouri Alliance for Freedom is committed to protecting and growing individual, religious, and economic liberty throughout Missouri by holding accountable members of the state legislature by educating Missourians on their voting record. MAF promotes policies that encourage personal freedom and a free economy through legislative participation, grassroots organization, issue advocacy, educa
tion and training. It is founded upon the belief that government must be limited, in order for liberty to increase.
Follow us: @taxreformer on Twitter
Follow us: @MissouriFreedom on Twitter

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Forbes Article on Medicaid Expansion Echoes Torch Article From Last Year (Video)


Last year I wrote about Gov. Jay Nixon’s confusion and outright lies about Missouri money going to other states. He even has a website, paid for by taxpayer dollars, purely for propaganda purposes, distributing falsehoods.

I wrote:

States that expand Medicaid are given federal money based on the number of recipients. There isn’t some pool of money in DC where some bureaucrat says, “Oh, well I guess Missouri isn’t going to use their loot, so North Dakota? Here you go. You can have theirs.”

If what Nixon’s website says is true, it means North Dakota will not get $9.5 million for their 27,000 new Medicaid recipients if Missouri expands Medicaid. After all, that’s our money, right?

But off course North Dakota will get the same amount, as will all other states.

Money that would go to Missouri isn’t parceled out, like leftover pizza. It stays in China or isn’t printed.

Patrick Ishmael, writing about another purveyor of this lie, wrote this at Forbes recently:

Medicaid expansion funding is dictated not by some division of a funding pie, but by the beneficiaries and states participating in the program. If, say, one state expanded Medicaid but no others, that wouldn’t mean one state would get the Medicaid money that would have been earmarked for every other state. Rather than some large pie being split, state Medicaid expansions are more like a series of pies baked in separate ramekins — distinct from and independent of one another. If a ramekin goes unused, nothing really changes about the other ramekins.

The Congressional Budget Office has already shown this. CBO projections for the overall cost of Medicaid has dropped since the law’s implementation because — tada — fewer states are signing up for Obamacare’s expansion than expected. Medicaid ramekins are going unused, but their contents aren’t being emptied into the ramekins of other states.

That means that Illinois, for example, isn’t getting “Missouri’s expansion money” because 1.) Missouri already receives more Federal money than it contributes, and 2.) the nature of Illinois’s Federal Medicaid benefits aren’t really dependent on Missouri’s participation anyway.

Exactly. I used pizzas, Ish used pies. Same idea.

And can we stop it with this nonsense about Missouri’s money going to other states, please? It isn’t. Worse, the people who make this claim, like Sen. Claire McCaskill did in Columbia, know it isn’t:

Missouri taxpayer money isn’t going to other states. It just isn’t.

Stop lying.

If you have to lie to sell your product, there’s something fundamentally wrong with your product.

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